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Then vs. Now: Living Room Furniture

When it comes to choosing the type of living room furniture, you have a multitude of choices. To simplify, furniture styles can be categorized into two major groups: the traditional and the contemporary. Each style group has its own unique qualities that hold a distinctive class of its own. Dr. Sofa specializes in rescuing couches […]

4 Ways to Modernize the Living Room of Your New Jersey Home

When you stop noticing your living room style, it means it needs a makeover. You may have been keeping your old, drab, dark furniture pieces for far too long. The patterns, textures, and colors help keep a room updated and more alive. You do not need to throw away your old furniture and fixtures. There […]

Feng Shui Your Living Room

  Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that believes that the balance of energies within a space can assure good fortune and health for the people that inhabit it. Many people utilize Feng Shui in order to decorate their homes, specifically their living rooms. If you are looking to improve the energy in your […]

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