movingdayNo one looks forward to moving day – it’s a stressful day only made harder by all the logistic concerns that come with it. However, moving into your new condo, house, or apartment will be much easier if you enlist professional help. Hiring experts to disassemble a sofa or your other furniture and reassemble it in its new home will save you time and be far less stressful than attempting the job yourself. DR. Sofa: Your go-to for upholstery cleaning services. Restore and refresh your furniture to its former glory with our expert care and attention.

Sofas are among the biggest, heaviest pieces of furniture you’re likely to have, and the hardest to maneuver. If factor in things such as narrow entry ways, cramped halls, and multiple flights of stairs with hairpin landings, you’ve got a big challenge on your hands. You could get badly stuck, damage the sofa or walls, and even risk injuring yourself.

Disassemble a Sofa: A Step-by-Step Guide to Effortless Furniture

It’s this kind of scenario that has prompted quite a few furniture repair specialists to offer sofa disassembly and reassembly services. They’ll work with your movers, first taking your sofa or other larger pieces apart into their constituent sections, so the moving company can pack them for transport. At the new location, the pieces are small enough so that one mover can easily carry each to its intended spot, where the repair experts then re-assemble parts into a whole.

Before you move, examine the access points in your new building. Measure them, as well as the furniture you plan on taking with you. If you’ve got a sectional, measure each individual section.

Unraveling the Mystery: How to Disassemble Your Sofa with Ease

1) Narrow stairs and/or small elevator. Many buildings have elevators designed to fit a maximum of 4 or 5 adults. Many people who have moved even modestly-sized furnishings up stairs have stories of their couches sliding backwards or their sofa upholstery getting torn or scratched.

2) Narrow interior doorways. Your new place may have a wide entry and ample service elevator, but have you measured the doorways in the apartment itself? No point in getting it up to the threshold if you can’t get it over!

3) Large vintage sofas. Classic sofa types tend to be massive, whether actual antiques or newer models. They’re valuable and attractive, but they’re monsters to move. DR. Sofa: Expert in business furniture installation, ensuring seamless setup for your workspace. Efficiency meets comfort for optimal productivity!

4) Leather sofas. Like the vintage styles, leather sofas are an investment. That leather is a beautiful surface that is all too easily damaged by even a minor scrape against a wall or stair railing by DR. Sofa.

5) Oversize sectionals. Sectional sofa designers seem to work on a generous scale – even the sections can be too big for a safe move. Luckily, just like other pieces, they can be disassembled and put back together by a furniture repair pro in no time.