The bedroom, your peaceful refuge and a safe haven for resting and reenergizing, deserves as much attention as the more public areas of the house. Planning a calming bedroom goes beyond choosing the function of bedroom furniture. It is the place where you start your day, therefore you will want a view that welcomes you to a lovely day regardless of the weather. It is also the place where you end a day and most often the last sight you see as before you sleep. Here are elements that will contribute to a tranquil effect for your bedroom.


Mattress / Bedding

Hotels spend billions of dollars on choosing mattresses that bring the most restful sleep. That fact alone tells us the importance of choosing the best mattress your budget allows. Various types of mattresses cater to different favored sleeping positions and physical needs. When shopping for a mattress test-nap on it by lying on the mattress for 10-15 minutes on your favored sleeping position. If it feels good, then you may have just found your mattress match. You will be using this for hours on a nightly or daily basis. Be sure to choose one that’s durable, comfortable, and hypoallergenic if budget permits.

Paint Colors

Color is a very subjective element when it comes to personal preferences on which hues are calming and which ones are energizing. Generally, white, pastel palette, and lighter shades of grey are associated with calming bedroom paint colors. These are considered relaxing colors especially when the bedroom design uses one or two colors only, accented by a textured bed linen and other bedroom decorations in complimentary colors. If you haven’t decided on a color yet, then go with a pure white room color. Add rugs or bedroom furniture in calming colors. Using a monochromatic color scheme is also one of the favored techniques in small bedroom ideas.

Furniture Accents for a Tranquil Bedroom

Aside from having a luxurious bed with a minimalist bed design as the main accent furniture, there are other elements you can also add to help achieve a calming effect on your sleeping quarters. Any piece of furniture in a light wood tone also helps create an impression of spaciousness. This also works well with any light-colored palette.

We can follow some feng shui bedroom ideas to achieve tranquility. Create balance by having a bedside table on each side of the bed. If you wish to add paintings, choose ones with positive subjects such as those with themes about love, healing, and intimacy.

Keep light sources, either from lamps or from ceiling lights muted. Save the bright lights for the living room and dining areas. Install dimmer functions for your light controls so you can easily adjust the illumination.


With these bedroom decorating ideas, you can begin your planning journey to achieve a tranquil setup. While it can be true that the sight of beds can immediately give you an idea of sleeping, you can definitely do more than just adding that main furniture. Once your bedroom elements are carefully placed according to your plan, your body and mind will thank you for it in the long run.