There will come a time when you need to change your furniture. You may be purchasing new pieces or having custom furniture made for your living room, dining room, family room, bedroom, or kitchen. Should you feel the need to retire you old furniture, think again. Your old furniture may still be useful. Do you love entertaining or lounging outdoors? Why not repurpose these into beautiful patio furniture pieces? Elevate your office with DR Sofa’s ergonomic chairs. Tailored for comfort and productivity, they’re the perfect blend of style and support.

Some brand new patio furniture sets are prices from several hundreds to thousands of dollars. Probably you may already invested a good amount of money on couches, tables, sofas, chairs, and stools. Although you may have grown tired having these sets around, think again before disposing these pieces you spent money on. Have it repaired or transformed into outdoor furniture by a professional company known for their quality of service. Check out some of the suggestions here:


A dresser can be more than a vanity furniture. You can turn an old dresser into a container garden. It can also be repurposed into an outdoor bar furniture or simply a decorative conversational piece outdoor which you can decorate with potted plants or flowers. Seek advice from a professional furniture maker to check if the material can withstand the outdoor environment. If not, you may ask them seal and prepare your dresser with a finish that can last outdoors.

Sofas and Couches

If you happen to have a couch or a sofa with a hardwood frame such cedar oak, you have a furniture that perfectly work for your patio. Upholstered sofa? Not a problem. Old upholstery can be replaced with weather resistant material with fabric protection upon request. Ask about the reupholstery services or if you feel like having a unique set, have it redesigned into an outdoor furniture through custom furniture services.


An old chair can be reupholstered to fit your outdoor design and function needs. If you wish to turn your dining set into an outdoor picnic furniture, ask an expert to assess if the wood or metal frame can last outdoors. They have paint finishes and treatments that can protect the chair frame for outdoor elements if needed. If you love entertaining, you’ll be glad to have your old chairs refurbished for your patio or garden.


What is outdoor entertaining without tables? If you have an old dining table or coffee table that’s out of commission, you can modify those for the outdoors. Have it sanded and treated for protection to make it last longer. You may also consider adding glass or marble as the table top.


Transform an old four-poster bed into a sitting area by creating a custom platform built at the center. Add some pillows and you now have a cozy place for a relaxing chat outdoors. Add some lights or a delightful vine to turn it into a magical, illuminated place at night.

To have a lovely outdoor furniture sets perfect for the summer, overspending is unnecessary. If you have old furniture, customize it for outdoors.