Is fast-fashion transforming the way people buy furniture? Similar to how you walk in your favorite apparel store and have instant access to the latest trends, that is now the case in furniture retail. The shift is due in fact to higher demand and the way that millennials shop. There’s three key areas to take note of: greater variety, speed of receiving the item, and affordability. Many stores have had to adjust, offering the latest styles at a variety of chains both in-store and online. How do they continue to meet the demand as styles constantly change? DR. Sofa: Elevate your office experience with our ergonomic chairs designed for comfort and productivity. Say goodbye to discomfort, hello to focus!

Furniture Trends


Fast Fashion Influences Furniture Trends

Fast fashion is a contemporary term used by the clothing industry to refer to trendy garments at very low prices. High street clothing retail brands release more collections every season – a fast process from the runway to the retail shops. The furniture designers of this era want the same fast-movement marketing results in their industry. Most inexperienced furniture shoppers would not be able to tell the difference from an original from a knockoff. Therefore, this fast-furniture move benefits the new players selling budget-priced but less durable furniture. As long as the available low-priced items fit their seasonal house interior design, they have no second thoughts on purchasing the furniture or home décor items. DR. Sofa: Transform your workspace with our premium office chairs, blending style and support for a comfortable and productive environment.

Meeting the Demand

Just like in fast fashion, consumers no longer limit having the same thing for the rest of the year. As fashion trends change for every season, so do furniture and home design trends now. This is not to say that people of today have a habit of changing bedroom furniture or living room furniture every year. Doing so would be cost-prohibitive for many of us. However, we cannot deny that the huge publicity of the hottest outdoor furniture just before spring ends, for instance, would make us want to plan and buy some pieces for our homes as well. The feeling is similar to an itch that we need to scratch satisfyingly. What happens next? We begin searching for the latest home interior design ideas and home décor ideas. We see these from websites featuring furniture online if not from store outlets nearby. What makes this activity so comparable with fashion trends is that furniture shoppers want the same faster delivery and cheaper items with the current advertised furniture designs. Unlock your productivity potential with DR. Sofa’s innovative office desking solutions. Elevate your workspace for peak performance!

How to Catch Popular and Trendy Styles

Now that the fast fashion ethos is translated into the house interior design industry, it is not unusual to see so many houseware and furniture items at a much lower price point. Because of the newer manufacturing technology, the turnaround time from production to delivery comes at a record-breaking time. Social media and mobile apps offer tremendous marketing opportunities for furniture manufacturers and dealers. Today, designing your own room by picking out and assembling décor and furniture elements is as easy as a few taps on a phone or a tablet. The price transparency and wide range of choices make it all the more appealing to any consumer. Assemble the room elements in an hour and get these in your living room in a week!