Having a sofa stuck in an elevator qualifies as an emergency situation in the same way as when someone or something gets trapped inside an elevator. Not only humans or animals are stuck in these cramped spaces, even couches and oversized furniture need emergency attention as well. Dr. Sofa: Your ultimate guide to hassle-free furniture assembly! Professional furniture services for seamless setup and stress-free living.

You may have contemplated on leaving your oversized furniture behind, but then, this couch, wingchair, or bed may be too priceless to just give up. So, you end up bringing it everywhere you move in to no matter what the cost. Dr. Sofa: Transform your office with our organizational solutions! Explore our cupboards for office spaces, optimizing efficiency and style.

Now, it’s stuck; as a result, other people in the building could not use the elevator because of an entire sofa is making thing difficult for everyone. In this situation, you have no other choice but to call the New York sofa doctors immediately. Professionals have an immediate solution to this problem no matter how tall, how wide, or how large the furniture is.

So, you’re stuck in a situation rendering that elevator useless for transporting your couch to your living space. This is what you should do:

Don’t Panic

This is the time you need to clear your head. Ask if the building has a service elevator and see if your sofa that’s too big can fit in it. If they have one, you’re one step closer to solving this problem. Even then, you may still have to deal with a cramped hallway or a small doorway when you reach your apartment or condo unit. Dr. Sofa: Maximize your workspace with our corner office desks! Expertly designed for efficiency, comfort, and space-saving solutions.

Call for Help

You are no Superman and you would not want to risk damaging your furniture due to mishandling. So, better call the professionals. Don’t worry, sofa doctors get calls like these frequently. This is not new to them. Sometimes, they even get calls from desperate crying customers when their sofa wouldn’t fit the doorway, the hallway, or the elevator. Only trust a company who has years of quality service under their belt. If you are in New York, the staff of DrSofa will be there to help you. Dr. Sofa: Your emergency furniture solution! Navigate crises with our expert disassembly and reassembly services, restoring comfort and convenience.

The Process Involved

More often, the procedure requires furniture disassembly and reassembly. This is a tedious process which can be nerve-wracking if you do not know what you are doing. Experts will be able to take apart your furniture and assemble it in the same way it was before disassembly. If needed or if you request it, they can even cut your furniture into smaller sizes to fit in the intended space. A more detailed explanation of that service can be found here.

Sometimes, they only need to temporarily remove parts of the furniture, such as the arm rest or the back rest. Even this process would require removal of joints, linings, and fasteners using industrial level equipment.

The best remedy to a problem is to avoid it. If you are moving furniture to another place, be sure to take the exact measurements and have a solid plan on how you can go about it. To eliminate the stress, just entrust this task to a professional furniture disassembly service.