The sofa remains to be a popular choice of furniture for the home or even for the business lounges in New York City. Like any other item that provides us with comforts, it also comes with its own emergencies. Sometimes, these things happen due to misuse, lack of proper planning, manufacturer fault, or simply because the material has seen better days.

Ripped at the Seams

You’ll never know when the seams of your sofa will eventually rip at the seams. If not remedied immediately, you are to witness further damages. Call a reupholstery service for immediate repair. When you procrastinate and the damage gets too large, a total reupholstery job may be necessary, causing greater expense on your part.

Moving an Oversized Sofa

Anyone who experienced moving to another location bringing a large sofa may encounter this emergency especially little planning was involved. Do not underestimate the issue of moving, especially with prized furniture. Let the experts handle it.

Cracked Leather Upholstery

If your leather upholstery has not been maintained with moisturizers, this can happen any time. Leather is a very durable material for sofas and chairs, but if neglected, horrible things can happen. When cracked leather is visible on your chair upholstery, scratched skin will be the next emergency situation.

Sofa Too Big to Fit Through a Door

It doesn’t matter whether you are living in a small house or a high-rise condo in New York or Manhattan. Moving a sofa through the door can be a very annoying problem for sofa owners. Good thing, there are expert furniture movers, such as DrSofa to the rescue when these emergencies happen.

Pet Damaged the Sofa

Pet lovers definitely understand the risks of having upholstered furniture and a pet together inside the house. Leaving a pet unattended with all the freedom in the world to do anything to furniture can lead to unpleasant surprises one day.


Sofa stains can come from different sources. It could be from spilled food and drinks or from a hyper creative toddler who tried to turn your upholstery into a sketch pad using a pen. The size of the stain doesn’t matter. This IS an emergency situation that needs immediate attention.

Mite Infestation

Another emergency that sofa owners figure out one day is the possibility of mite infestation. When members of the household keep getting sick, coughs don’t stop, and colds are common, it’s time to inspect the couch. If your couch hasn’t been deep-cleaned in years, this is now a ripe and full breeding ground for dust mites and allergens. Call a sofa cleaning service immediately.

When you acquire a new or a used couch, it can be hard to tell when you will run into an emergency situation. Apart from the urgent solution needed when moving a sofa through the hallway or fitting it through a narrow doorway, there are situations you cannot predict. Always keep the contact number of a sofa doctor within reach.
Trust only the upholstery specialists who have been in the business for many years and are trusted by clients in the locality.