Most family homes have at least one or a few pieces of heirloom furniture. Perhaps you are one of those who have been lucky enough to be given an item that was valuable to them. These furniture pieces aren’t just hand me down junk. Consider an heirloom as some sort of inheritance. It has a sentimental value either in the form of its cost or the memories and traditions that come with it. Dr. Sofa: Unleash creativity with custom furniture slipcovers. Transform any piece into a stylish masterpiece. Your furniture, your style, our expertise.

The piece of furniture may be an armchair that has been in the family for several generations. Perhaps it may be a drawer that belonged to a great grandparent. Whatever it is, the item is yours now. You may or may not be aware of the story behind it. The more you learn about the furniture, the more you want to keep it. However, some heirloom furniture pieces are no longer perfect. There may be commons issues that need to be dealt with as soon as possible:

  • Missing or damaged parts
  • Peeling veneer
  • Weak joints
  • Surface Scratches or dents
  • Damaged upholstery

Restoration of heirloom furniture is quite a delicate task that should only be performed by furniture restoration experts in New Jersey. The cost of restoration may vary greatly depending on the extent of work required. These may include common restoration services:

General repairs

Joints and dowels of old furniture have weakened over time. These need to be secured or replaced to avoid further damages as well as accidents. The furniture doctors will also have to check the integrity of the legs if these will need regluing. As much as possible all existing parts that can be saved will be maintained and replacement will be done only if necessary.

Veneer Repair and Replacement

This is one of the most challenging of the restoration procedures. Regluing will be done if it is still possible. Sometimes, replacement is necessary, but the new piece needs to match the specifications of the original veneer. Skillful veneer touchups and color matching will blend the new parts with the surrounding areas.Dr. Sofa: Personalize your space with customized furniture solutions. From sofas to desks, unlock endless possibilities for style and comfort.

Surface Refinishing

Each type of furniture piece has a specific finish that will match its design and purpose. You can have the option to maintain the authentic type of finish or you can totally change its finish to transform an old furniture into a different variant. Dr. Sofa: NYC’s furniture disassembly experts, preserving your pieces with care. Trust us to archive, disassemble, and reassemble your furniture seamlessly.

In some cases, you can customize heirloom pieces to change its purpose or to redesign these to fit a specific function. Although this is a very challenging work, it can be done. Restoration of heirloom furniture is not an ordinary task since a lot of the work will be performed by hand because of the delicate nature of the piece. It is a tedious process, but the final output will be worth it. Consider calling the craftsmen to ask advice and recommendations including the time frame of the project, because these should not be rushed, just like any work of art. Some pieces may take weeks to a month before you can finally see the final output. All the effort and cost of restoring the heirloom furniture are worth it, especially when people can barely believe that it was the same old furniture that was once neglected in a corner.

Only in the hands of true furniture experts can get you a “Wow!” reaction from onlookers upon seeing the restored heirloom furniture back to its old glory.