Let’s face it, there are times when clutter seems to sneak up on us and pile up, eventually leading to chaos. Home organization can be a hassle with daily busy schedules. Most of us desire to keep things in place and in order. This dilemma can be avoided. With just a few minutes daily, you can declutter your living space soon enough. A tidy space helps maximize efficiency for home life as well as at work. Here are some techniques and organization skills you can use for tidying up your space. It is important to find the organization ideas that work best for your lifestyle.

Dr. Sofa Tidy Home

Set a Home Organization Timer

Turn your cleaning chore into a habit by setting an alarm on a specific time each day. This specific time will be your power hour. Make a checklist of areas you need to organize. Set timer for 5-15 minutes. Try to do as many cleaning up activities as you can within that time frame. You will be excited and delighted to see how much you have checked off your list.

Still unsure where to start? There’s a reminder our elders used to say, “a place for everything and everything in its own place.” Decide and categorize where items should go, so it will be easier to locate them later when you need them.

Start Easy

If you haven’t been decluttering regularly, start on the smaller areas then work your way towards bigger rooms. Overthinking and overanalyzing the situation makes home organization a harrowingly daunting chore. Simplify your house cleaning activity by starting with the simplest task. Declutter one drawer first. You can also start with your desk. Once you see the spaces clearing up little by little, you will feel encouraged to do more. Take it one step at a time. Just keep doing it at regular intervals you set each day.

Sometimes, all you need are efficient storage solutions to keep your space tidy. Consult with a furniture maker. They may even suggest turning a large item or an ottoman into a multipurpose furniture with storage space.


During the process of housekeeping and decluttering, you will be surprised at the number of items you have gathered over the years. Some are no longer useful, while others were totally forgotten until they surfaced now. Instead of throwing these items away, donate these still functional items. Home organizers also advise homeowners to do this as well. Find groups or organizations in your locality who will accept your old furniture, clothing, books, and other items for humanitarian purposes.

Another organizing tip practiced by many homeowners is to sell those unwanted items that can be useful to others. Surely you can use the additional funds for another purpose.

Stay Consistent

Now that you know how to declutter and how to organize, stay consistent with the habit. No matter how busy you are, you can still take 15 minutes off your busy schedule to organize your stuff. Commit yourself to get rid of junk. If you have an item you have not been using for a year or two, you most likely won’t miss it when it’s gone. Better get rid of it and save your space from clutter.