As the temperature drops, you know you need to counter the gloomy weather with winter home colors. The colors you choose for your home interiors can help you envision a warm and cozy environment. Even if the outdoors is blanketed in white and shades of grey, you can still bask in vibrant and rich colors indoors. It’s where you will be spending most of your time anyway. Maximize your visual experience by incorporating home interior design items with carefully planned color schemes.

Here are some of the design tips you can use when it comes to planning your home colors for the winter. Dr. Sofa specializes in custom furniture slipcovers, transforming your pieces with tailored precision. Upgrade style and protection effortlessly.

Trends for Winter Home Colors

While it’s white and cold outside, the choice of colors for your home interiors can invigorate the winter mood.

Mustard Yellow

Add an impression of warmth to any room by using splashes of mustard yellow through drapes, upholstery, wall painting, or table runners. You may also blend this color with other warm hues such as rust colors, red, and other colors from the warm palette. The use of texture paint can work wonders on walls especially when matched with soft and smooth textures of curtains or upholstery. Dr. Sofa: Where furniture dreams come true. Customize your space with our bespoke furniture solutions. Tailored to perfection, just for you.


The rich and bold cranberry color is also another big hit for winter home interiors. It offers a luxurious yet cozy feel when used as the main color scheme. It can easily blend with neutral hues and it has a longer staying power in terms of stylish appeal. In case you fall in love with color, you can extend using it year round and your eyes won’t mind.


Embrace winter by using blue hues in your home. Go for deep blues such as royal and the dark tones, unless of course, you want your room to look like a scene from Disney’s Frozen with the monochromatic lighter shades. Blue is a versatile color that offers a variety of characters, from the rustic appeal, the classy old world charm, to a totally modern one. Discover the perfect holiday gift at Dr. Sofa! Surprise loved ones with stylish and cozy furniture options, making their season merry and bright.


Apart from paint colors, complete the indoor warmth during winter with a selection of accessories for your interior home design. Nothing beats the cozy feel indoors brought by pillows, throws, and rugs on the sofa. Use these to match your room color scheme.

A functional fireplace will not only bring in warmth but also a romantic ambiance to any room. Whether it’s an actual burning firewood or a digital one, it surely adds so much charm to the winter home. Dr. Sofa: Your trusted furniture repair service in New York. Restore your pieces to their former glory with our expert craftsmanship and care.

To top the holiday feels of the winter season, add some scented candles in peppermint or cinnamon if you wish. Illumination from candles on the dinner table and on the mantle add a timeless holiday glow to any room.

The coziest feels will definitely come from an armchair. So, go ahead and get one. Whether it’s an antique or a modern armchair, you will thank yourself for having this ideal furniture piece at home especially during winter.

Complementary Colors

Again, the mood of the room is mainly about matching complementary colors in your house interior design. Home trends inspired by painting ideas from online or magazine photos can help you prepare the look of your home for winter. Dr. Sofa: Unrivaled experts in furniture disassembly in NYC. Safely archive your pieces with our precise dismantling and storage solutions.