Summer is just around the corner and you would love to bask in the warm summer outdoors. Have you checked if you patio furniture sets are ready? As the heat of the summer rises, most people would love to enjoy the warmth of the sun and bask in its glorious rays. Be very particular of your outdoor furniture condition especially whether you own or are managing a resort or hotel, or for your residential use. Poolside or al fresco furniture should also be in tip top condition for this season. DR Sofa: Your office oasis awaits! Discover our premium furniture selection designed for style, comfort, and productivity.

Following months of storage, the furniture frame and the upholstery may have deteriorated. These types of furniture, although specifically made to endure outdoor weather conditions, will need proper upkeep and repair when needed.

Here are some tips on preparing your patio furniture for the summer:

Clean your patio furniture.

As soon as you bring out your stored furniture, this is the first thing you should do. Outdoor elements such as dust, dirt, pollen, sand, plant debris, and other contaminants that were not removed before storage may still be present. Regular vacuuming and wiping can help, but for deep cleaning you may need to call a professional upholstery cleaning service to remove the deep-seated dirt and disinfect each unit.

Repair your outdoor furniture.

Inspect each furniture part for signs of damage or immediate need of attention before summer sets in. Ensure that all screws and fasteners are in place, particularly on items with moving parts such as swings or swivel chairs. Check for cracks on the upholstery and chair pads. Guests, especially those wearing swimwear and summer attire will find it very annoying if they feel sharp cracked upholstery material scratching their exposed skin. This will leave a bad experience to your guests, and even a bad review for your business. There are professionals who perform expert furniture repair and reupholstery service in Hampton to make you patio sets look new again.

The need for custom patio furniture.

You may have a nice space you wish to turn into an outdoor lounging area, but you couldn’t figure out which patio furniture style, shape, or size to fit in. Perhaps you are thinking of a unique design or color motif that will complement the overall style of your whole outdoor set-up. Perhaps you have an existing outdoor furniture set you wish to reduce in size or remodel into different pieces. For these types of demand, your space will need custom patio furniture specifically made by furniture doctors.

Outdoor furniture can provide the same level of visual interest as indoor items. Excellent outdoor furniture provide comfort and functionality that can match those provided by indoor set ups. Even if you have a limited space, you can still enjoy basking in the sun with outdoor furniture. Utilize small spaces such as pocket gardens and balconies. In the summer, these areas can be transformed into additional cozy spaces with just the perfectly fitting furniture.

Call the furniture doctors for recommendations. You can be confident to entertain your guests as soon as summer sets in.