One of the most challenging tasks handled by interior designers is conceptualizing an efficient studio apartment design. While it is true that your space may be smaller than a regular home, you can still plan and decorate your studio flat stylishly. In many large and busy cities such, living in studio apartments is a way of life. Spaces are at a premium due to the accessibility of major businesses and lifestyle conveniences. Studio living should seamlessly incorporate sleeping, cooking, and dining areas. The secret lies in the design. Here are some small apartment ideas you can use in case you decide to live in a studio. DR Sofa’s office chairs provide exceptional back support for a healthier, more comfortable workday. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to productivity!

studio apartment

Incorporate Dividers in Your Studio Apartment Design

It may look cool having everything accessible in few steps, but you may also need privacy and a sense of sleeping in a real room sometimes. When you have guests in your home, you may not feel comfortable having them see your bed on full display. To separate your sleeping space and your other living spaces, you can install a curtain or a plain fabric from ceiling to floor. This can also work as a projector screen in place of a TV. You may also have a custom shelf installed, which can function as a storage space/ bookshelf and a divider in one.

Furniture Options to Maximize Space

After gathering several studio apartment ideas from designers, we have come up with a short list of the most practical and popular options for maximizing spaces.

  • Storage – When it comes to storage solutions for small apartments, multipurpose furniture tops the list. Furniture pieces designed with hidden storage will help keep clutter out of sight. Choose furniture pieces that can double as storage. An ottoman can function as a chair, a table, and as a place to store smaller items. Sofas, tables, beds, and headboards can also work as storage units. For kitchens, hanging cabinets make great storage spaces without taking up floor space. Pots and pans can also hang from a metal rack fixed to the ceiling.
  • Transforming furniture – One of the most iconic of apartment living room ideas is the invention of the Murphy bed. A bed can be part of a living room at night. In the morning, it is simply a wall panel. There are dining table designs that can transform into a box when not in use. Visit your local furniture store or consult a furniture doctor for custom designs.

Strategic Color Scheme

Choose room and furniture colors that complement each other to help create an optical illusion of space and light. Use a monochromatic theme to make the room look bigger. Another trick on apartment decorating is to avoid the use of borders. The seamless beauty of rooms without border frames create an elegant simplicity that also expands space visually. Light colors, as well as carefully-planned bold colors, work for studio apartments. The use of bold and single colors on large areas takes away the attention from the size of the room. In a pure-white room, choose a bold decoration or focal point. The effect is magnificent.