When you have experienced moving from one residential place to another, you know the challenge of moving large furniture. If this is your first time to encounter moving oversized furniture to a small urban home, questions will run through your head. Will you need to throw or leave your old furniture behind? Will there be damages to your furniture during moving? How about the several staircases and hallways you will deal with? Don’t worry, there is hope. Furniture disassembly and reassembly is the answer. Dr. Sofa specializes in customizing furniture to fit your unique style and space. Elevate your interior with personalized design perfection.


Measurement is Key

You can avoid a huge part of this dilemma by measuring areas the sofa will land and pass through during the moving process. Do not depend on your visual estimates just by looking at the furniture and the areas it is will pass through. Get a tool to measure the dimensions not only of the furniture but also the room, hallways, doorways, and staircases that you will encounter during the move.

Remove and Reduce

Prior to packing your oversized sofa for the move, remove what you can. These include the cushions, and removable upholstery. Your goal is to make your sofa as light as possible for easy carrying and loading. Check if you can unscrew the legs and the arms to reduce the size of the item It will be much easier for smaller sizes to fit through narrow hallways and doorways, too. Dr. Sofa offers premier furniture repair services in New York, restoring your pieces to their former glory with expert craftsmanship.

Disassemble and Reassemble

Some really huge couches and furniture pieces require disassembly prior to loading for moving. Anything that was assembled can be disassembled. For experts, this is not a difficult task. This is not for the faint of heart. Sofa surgeons will take apart your couch down to the barest possible remainder. Then they will put it back together just like nothing happened. They can handle all types of couches, from the simplest to the most intricate antique chairs. In some emergency cases, there are professionals such as DrSofa who can also do this and are available on call 24/7. When you realized too late during a move you’re your couch will not fit through the doorway, don’t panic. Sofa doctors have encountered situations like these many times.

There are some New Yorkers and other urban dwellers who already know who to call when the time for moving is at hand. Many furniture disassembly clients are returning customers. Antique or heirloom pieces. Unlocking space potential: Dr. Sofa’s expert furniture disassembly services in NYC preserve memories while creating room for new adventures.

Urban living involves much moving.

To urban dwellers, renting and moving from one place to another is a lifestyle. If you are among those who move and live in the cosmopolitan circle, you understand the idea of moving from one residence to another due to career or other lifestyle needs. Does the thought of moving an oversized furniture sound too complicated for you? Do not worry professionals can handle almost all types of furniture disassembly and reassembly tasks. Although sofas are the most common items they deal with, they can also work with beds, armoires, outdoor furniture, custom furniture, and others.