Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Department Store, New York

Calvin Klein designing and customizing furniture per the brand guidelines of a well-known company is always an honor.

However, it always presents a massive challenge given that such companies expect pieces of furniture that conform with their brand image. As such, the focus lies in designing inspiring pieces of furniture that clients can relate to their notion of the brand in question.

For the new CK location, we have developed a sleek modern modular sofa with a geometric style that perfectly fits the whole interior, making tired shoppers feel relaxed and comfortable once they sit on it.

Inspiring furniture

Unquestionably, as a brand, Calvin Klein prides itself in providing clients with strikingly designed men’s and women wear. It is well known for its sophisticated and modern styles.

Inspiring Furniture Solutions

As such, the main requirement for Amazing Team (Business Furniture Solutions Department by dr.Soofa) to provide CK with furniture that was in line with the brand’s reputation. The idea was to create pieces of furniture that enabled customers to envision CK’s long-standing stature. And repute as they went about shopping in the New York store.

Moreover, the furniture needed to blend in with New York upscale, urban environment.

Geometric Style

With that in mind, we went about designing the couch and decided on a geometric style. This design was a valid choice as it helped modernize the shopping space. Its contemporary look goes a long in revitalizing the New York store, thus, appeals to the New York uptown populace.

What’s more, geometric style incorporates the use of patterns and shapes that bring about a rather simplistic look. The good thing with such a setup is that it is never going to be too much.


Therefore, this minimalistic yet sophisticated contemporary look goes hand in hand with CK’s outlook as a clothing brand. The furniture is strikingly designed just as is the case with CK’s clothing products.

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