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Long Sofa Design 24 Feet – New York City Conductive Coaching HQ

Bright, comfortable, gigantic, and long sofa design – These four words best describe this Conductive Coaching project. As per the client, we were to align the 24 feet sofa design with the company logo colors. As such, size was just but the tip of the iceberg.

The main challenge lied in customizing the seat in a manner that incorporated all three colors of the business’s logo in equal measures.

The designing phase was arguably the most challenging. However, our team of experts was very much up to the task.

Initially we decided that since its length would allow for multiple demarcations. The three colors would be evenly distributed-each demarcation taking up a single color-in a particular order. The result turned out to be amazing.

To sugar the pill even more, we added a set of three matching foot-rests to further complement the colorful setup and add comfortability.

24 Feet Curved Sofa Design

Quality Upholstered Material

The unit is upholstered with a quality painted leather and will serve dozens of business coaching lectures across the years. More importantly, thanks to the material’s sturdy nature, it will remain as comfortable and bright as it was on the day of installation.

Quality Sofa Design

Long Sofa Creation Project Conductive Coaching

Admittedly so, this project was a tough nut to crack – a 24 feet curved & long sofa designed to fit the room from wall to wall. Our major concern was that it was impossible to deliver such big pieces of furniture assembled. However, given our expertise, we came up with an out of the box solution. It involved preparing parts of the sofa, packing each one safely for delivery, and finally, assembling the pieces on-site. Through meticulous planning and quality service delivery, we were able to deliver the sofa as per our customer’s requirements.

Long Sofa

5-Star Customer Service

Dr. Sofa did a great job taking care of a very difficult sofa for us. Great service, look forward to working with them again in the future

Joanne Onderdonk Avatar
Joanne O.

This is my 4th time using Dr. Sofa and I’ve been very pleased each time. Their service, quality of work, reliability and honesty is top notch and the people are polite and thoughtful. 5 stars!

Laura Mason Avatar
Laura M.

5 star rating This was a great experience, from making the appointment to getting the job done. Mark was terrific, calm and competent. Everyone in the office was really helpful and nice. Highly recommended.

sarah w. Avatar
sarah w.
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