InnSide Hotel

Exclusive Furniture Design ––InnSide Hotel, New York

The main challenge while designing the signature restaurant interior for InnSide Hotel, NYC, was to maximally engage the useful space. Secondly, we were to provide people with secluded areas they would spend the whole evening in comfort.

Signature Restaurant Furniture- Challenges

The main requirement was to design exclusive furniture that used up the space in a thoughtful manner while still allowing clients ample privacy.

Such maximum utilization of space will ensure that the hotel is able to accommodate the maximum amount of customers at any given time without compromising on service quality or comfort.

As such, our team has initiated the manufacturing of banquettes and U-shaped booths with high backrests across the perimeter. The result is fantastic, right?

Exclusive Restaurant Furniture Upholstery

Exclusive furnitire design and manufacturing always means challenges and well-though solutions. This project is not an exception.

For this construction, we utilized the kind of sturdy wood you would expect from a tier 1 furniture manufacturer like Amazing Ltd. this is recommended for use in busy public spaces such as hotels due to the high risk of wear and tear as a result of frequent use.

Signature Restaurant Furniture- Solutions

For the purpose of comfort, we have designed unique U-Shaped booths to ensure clients have maximum seating space. What’s more, the frames used were fully upholstered and neatly padded. This added to the heavy-duty foam seats allowed for maximum comfort.

Privacy was also a priority. We used considerably high backrests to effectively set-up a perimeter around each table.

Our designers offered to pad the banquettes with foam for increased comfort. This ensured that customers could dine away and share a decent conversation with their companions without worrying much about the next table.

Customer-orientated approach resulting in unique look

As for the base, we used a heavy vinyl molding which allowed for maximum stability.

Combined, these features gave the hotel an elegant look. We managed to include a good number of banquettes for maximum sitting allowances without making the seating space look crowded. Evidently, the results were just perfectly right!

InnSide Hotel exclusive furniture design

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