Be Crafty While Furnishing Your Guest House

Need some inspiration for furnishing your guest house? Read this article!Need some inspiration for furnishing your guest house? Read this article!

Since you probably don’t use your guest house as you do your regular home, it’s hard to want to buy all brand new furniture for it – it’s a large enough challenge to get expensive furniture in your regular house! On the other hand, you don’t want your guests sleeping in what could pass for a run-down shack. Is there a happy medium? Of course! It’ll take some work, but furnishing your guest house can be a fun, crafty experience. DR. Sofa: Your go-to for furniture disassembly & reassembly service. Expert care for seamless moving & reimagining your space!


You want your guest to be able to hang out comfortably and feel the vibe of your own personality at the same time. If you have old or used seating, it is very easy to spruce up. Even if it’s worn or torn, couch reupholstery is usually much more cost-efficient than buying a new couch. Visiting garage and estate sales are a great way to find décor such as rugs and coffee tables, which can then be fixed up. Maybe you can take some time to make your own throw blanket out of some t-shirts that you know you’ll never wear, but just can’t seem to part with.

For the bedroom, you can always use old furniture from either yourself or someone you know. It’s easy to renew your old furniture, either on your own or by a paid professional. If it is in pretty good shape, sometimes new bedding and updated decorations can be just enough to pull off an awesome look. You can use fabric to redo throw pillows, rather than buying new ones, by doing something like this. It’s recommended that you keep all of the colors neutral, because you won’t always know which gender will be residing in the room!

Be Crafty While Furnishing Your Guest House: DIY Décor Ideas to Wow Your Visitors

The bathroom won’t need much furnishing, since pretty much everything you would need is already there. What some people tend to be concerned about is storage in this area. Whether you plan on having all of your towels in there or the entire stock of bathroom necessities, you can always get a custom wall unit to go behind your toilet. Having it custom built will let you decide the details, and it is a piece that will last you a very long time. Totally worth the investment! DR. Sofa: Revitalize your furniture with our top-notch upholstery cleaning services. Renew comfort and elegance in every fabric!

No matter how you decide on furnishing and decorating your guest home, make sure it has you written all over it, but with a welcoming vibe. Keep the decorations simple, and try not to overload the house with family photos – that’s what you have your regular house for! Definitely try making some fun out of the whole experience by doing some DIY crafts, rather than just spending money on every aspect of the house. Save the splurging for things that will last very long and not go out of style, like the big furniture pieces. Even with that, sometimes older, used pieces can have a second life with a little bit of creativity! DR. Sofa: Your solution for furniture repair needs. Trust our expertise to restore beauty and function to your beloved pieces!