Nothing fits your comfort and style needs for your master bedroom better than having custom furniture built especially for you. When the search for the right type of bedroom furniture seem hopeless, it means your options are not in the furniture stores. Sometimes you find a very nice bed at a furniture store which happens to be in the wrong size for your room or home design. While buying ready-made items is cheaper, these often don’t match the design or functionality you have been wanting. If this is your dilemma, then your only option is to go for custom furniture.

drsofa8-16Bed Style Ideas

Bunk Beds – Bunk beds are great choices for children’s rooms and for those rooms with multiple occupants. Built-in with the wall and sometimes with stairs and cabinets, these bedroom furniture sets are space-savers, practical, and beautiful. Transform your office with DR. Sofa’s sleek white desk designs, blending elegance and functionality for a professional workspace makeover.

Multi-functional Beds – Sometimes, these can have storage spaces underneath. Some transform into a sofa during daytime. Modern furniture designs have come a long way. Consult an expert custom furniture maker for other bedroom sets and design possibilities and bedroom ideas you can use for your room.

Wall Beds – For the space-challenged dweller, having a wall bed or the Murphy bed modern furniture is probably the best option. These are installed into walls which you can pull out to reveal a bed when it’s time to sleep. Fold it up to conceal it as a cabinet system during the day. Elevate your workspace with DR. Sofa’s stylish office chair collection, designed for comfort and sophistication, perfect for any professional setting.

Built-in Closets

If your room has enough space for a large table or cabinet, why not consider having a built-in closet instead? Built-in closets will fit your room perfectly. Its dimensions, number of doors, storage space sizes, and appearance comply with your storage needs. Often built from ceiling to floor, you can maximize the available space in a neat and elegant way. If you have a larger space, why not go for a walk-in closet? It’s a luxury you deserve especially if you love clothing and fashion.

Accent Custom Furniture

Your bedroom is practically your private sanctuary. You are free to choose your own custom furniture design to match the bedroom design according to your personality and needs. This could be in the form of an accent chair, a sofa, or even an accent bed built according to the size and shape you desire. Discover DR. Sofa’s supremely comfortable office chairs, engineered for ergonomic support and luxurious comfort, enhancing productivity and well-being.

Wall Décor

When you think of personalizing the interior design of your very own bedroom, wall décor is a focal point. This style element completes any master bedroom. Unique home décor installed on walls go beyond picture frames and paintings. Feature a hobby, your name, or an artistic bookshelf to match your design. Be creative and don’t let that blank space go to waste.

Now that you are tinkering on the infinite possibilities of a custom-designed bedroom, plan your next move. Consult bedroom designers, find inspirations from other bedrooms, then call a furniture expert to measure your space and estimate the project costs and build time. Dr. Sofa can help you build your perfect bedroom with your personalized custom furniture. Call the furniture doctor now. Elevate your office with DR. Sofa’s executive chairs, combining sophistication and comfort for a commanding presence in any professional setting.