Do you find yourself constantly searching for more space? Like your home is never large enough to hold all your things? Maybe you feel like you’re constantly living in a disorganized mess. Did you know that your furniture can double as a space-saving problem solver? You don’t need to build extra closets in your home,

you can simply buy furniture that works harder to store and conceal your things.

When you’re shopping for furniture, consider looking for pieces that function in multiple ways to maximize your available space. There are plenty of space-saving options to choose from, but they aren’t all created equal. We’re breaking down the best of the best in dual-function furniture, so that you’re prepared next time you shop.

Ottoman Storage

Your living room is usually the hardest room in your home to keep organized. Whether it’s toys, paperwork or just throw pillows, the living room floor usually looks a lot like a battleground. Consider replacing your single-function coffee table with an ottoman. Ottomans act like pieces of custom made furniture. They have hidden storage inside for whatever you need to hide, they’re comfortable for sitting, and they’re durable enough to hold drinks and remotes. These versatile pieces can function as a coffee table, as well.

Bed Frame Storage

Under-the-bed storage is perfect for unseasonable clothing, spare sheets, or just overflow from your closet. However, the problem with getting plastic storage boxes is that many times they’re too tall to slide easily from under your bed. Consider getting a bed frame with built-in shelving. The drawers slide easily without getting caught on your bed, and they can be filled and shut so that the room still looks clean and organized.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are completely ‘in’ right now, and it isn’t hard to see why. They look modern and sleek in any room, and they act just like built-ins. Although they aren’t technically dual-use pieces, they’re so functionally sound that we’re including them. Whether they’re holding soaps in your bathroom or cookbooks in your kitchen, floating shelves get items off your countertops and prevent you from wasting wall space. Essentially, they’re like having a custom made wall unit in every room.

Window Benches

Whether in your bedroom, living room, or dining room, having a small padded bench that allows people to sit and gaze out the windows feels like a personal touch. The best part about these benches is that they can lift to reveal storage space beneath them. Put pillows, sheets, tablecloths, toys, or anything else you can think of inside the bench, and then shut it to hide the mess! They work in any room that has a window view, and they feel custom-made. Bonus: they’re really easy to DIY!

Whenever you’re shopping for furniture, consider your room size and the clutter you usually have piled up in it. Don’t settle for furniture that furthers the mess, if you can avoid it. Get pieces that work harder for you, so that you don’t have to.