Interested in redesigning your space? Try incorporating Feng Shui elements. The belief system in Feng Shui revolves around the chi, a continuously flowing energy. This affects everything; and it can be good or bad energy. The objective is to use the good energy to divert the bad one. To effectively use the good energy, arrange your furniture in a strategic way. Many Chinese people, who have been using these methods in their homes for centuries, believe that the right arrangement will also bring good fortune to the household. Here are some tips you can utilize to Feng Shui your home.

Using Elements of Feng Shui for Aesthetics

Aesthetics in Feng Shui go beyond design and overall style of a room. It’s more about how a place feels when one enters a room. Is it relaxing or draining? Is it energizing or depressing? All these mixture of feelings are brought about by how elements in a room of a feng shui home are presented.

In Feng Shui, the use of color is based on the 5 elements: earth, fire, metal, water, and wood. Decide the colors according to your energy needs. This will help you choose the types of materials and décor you will incorporate in a room.

  • Fire – (red, orange, purple, pink, bright yellow) high energy and passion
  • Earth – (beige, sandy colors, light yellow) stability, calmness, good relationships, and balance
  • Metal – (white, gold, silver) efficiency, sharpness, clarity.
  • Water – (blue, black) calmness, purity, refreshing energy
  • Wood – (green, brown) an expression of abundance, brings in growth, good health, and vitality

Furniture Placement

Carefully consider how energies should flow in a room through the right placement of furniture. To simplify things, there are some basic placement rules to follow.

feng shui

Living Room

Because the living room is where most activities happen, it should be sizeable enough for comfort of the family and guests. A large room also encourages chi energy to freely flow. Place the main sofa against a wall. If using a set, arrange the sofa and chairs in a circular arrangement or facing each other to encourage conversations. Do not put all seats against a wall and furniture should not be to close together to provide enough room for movement. In a feng shui bedroom, the place the bed headboard against the wall

The Bedroom

With the bed being the most important furniture in a bedroom, it should be in a commanding position. It needs to have a solid headboard and balanced energy on both sides, with the use of side tables. A large furniture piece, such as a chest drawer is best placed at the foot or the bed to keep good ground energy balanced. Keep the layout as simple as possible. As long as there is a solid wall behind the bed and it is placed diagonally from the entrance door, this is a good feng shui layout.

Now that you have the basics of a feng shui house, you can consciously arrange your furniture in a way that will benefit you to the fullest. Consult furniture experts like Drsofa for other furniture ideas for your home.