moving_a_tableMoving day. Just those two little words can fill even the most level headed of people with dread. For anyone living in a city apartment, condo, townhouse, or anyplace with restricted access of any kind, potential trouble awaits. With that in mind, you want to measure your space carefully ahead of time. Many people don’t realize this — or they do, but it turns out the measurement isn’t accurate, or leaves so little “wiggle room” (literally) that they end up stuck anyway. Often measuring is incomplete. How many non-professionals think of measuring the height of the banisters, or the height of the stairwell ceiling, or know to compare the furniture’s dimensions to the turning radius available on a landing? Another factor: new furniture tends to be bigger than it was a decade ago, as it was intended for dwellers in open-plan suburban homes. If that’s not you, the answer is to find an experienced company that knows how to do furniture disassembly and reassembly.

Companies in this business are normally furniture specialists who perform repair, reupholstery of chairs and sofas, refinishing, custom furniture building — in short, they know furniture, from the feet and frame to the top varnish coat and last throw pillow. Your moving problem won’t surprise them – whether it’s getting a massive new sectional through your front door or moving a bulky, delicate console across town to a new condo with an elevator scaled for small children – and they’ve mastered logistics and techniques of disassembly and reassembly. Call them up and ask, “Can you break down a couch? “ A good company will be able to guarantee just that.

Furniture Disassembly: A Comprehensive Guide to Taking Apart

A good example is the kind of expertise it takes to disassemble a sofa. To do this, the sofa has to be stripped down to the frame, the exterior covering carefully removed, the padding, and often the springs as well. This procedure is done in a specific sequence, reversing the order in which the upholstery was first applied. The same kind of reverse order is needed for the frame breakdown. All fasteners must be stored, assembly points like screw or dowel holes noted accurately. If this is being done prior to a move to a new home, covering and padding sections are protectively packed, as well as the sofa frame sections themselves. If it’s a “stuck sofa” situation, the disassembly techs will break down the couch on the spot, but the same systematic care will be taken.

When the pieces are safely moved to the room where the sofa will reside, the reassembly is done, in reverse order from the disassembly — the same way they were by the original manufacturer, and the springs, padding and covering material carefully reinstalled. It may have been traumatic to see your sofa de-constructed — and here it is, looking like nothing’s happened…except it’s in your new home!