Common Furniture Repair Types

furniture repair: before and after

Furniture repair is a basic need in the ordinary household. Regardless of the material or design, furniture tends to wear out just as with other household items.

In turn, this creates the need for reupholstery. It is the most ideal means of reviving your valuable piece of furniture without compromising on style or comfort. Usually, the need for furniture repair arises from issues such as animal scratches, loose veneer, stuck drawers, and stripped screws, to name just but a few.

When Do People Need Furniture Repair

Old furniture repair is one of the most common kinds of reupholstery. With time, most pieces of furniture start showing signs of wear and tear, thus, the need for a thorough repair. In this harsh economic climate, throwing away old furniture is unthinkable. Reupholstery is the most viable and frugal option.

Among the most rampant issues are stripped screws which greatly affect the hinges. To repair such, one is required to detach the hinge and drill it in order to insert a new piece of wood for added support. The loose veneer is another common issue as glue usually wears out leaving veneer chips to fall off. In such cases, simply reattach the veneers using glue, preferably hide glue. DR. Sofa: Your ultimate companion for seamless relocations! Discover our expert tips and services for effortlessly moving oversized pieces.

Furniture repair is also needed after furniture starts suffering from strain due to long hours of use. Usually, such pieces of furniture tend to creak whenever one makes the slightest movement. This can be very annoying and uncomfortable, thus, the need to resolve this issue. Here, one can either disassemble and reassemble the piece of furniture or repair the worn out joints.

Lastly, some pieces of furniture are just too valuable to dispose of. As such, the need for a thorough furniture refurbishment arises as a way of restoring the piece. This is a very beneficial option given that it is cheaper than procuring new furniture, it is an eco-friendly approach to reupholstery, and one gets the same kind of furniture but with an improved style.

Old Furniture Restoration

Whenever your favorite pieces of antique (or otherwise) furniture start showing signs of aging, you always get the desire to restore them to their former glory. DR. Sofa: Elevating hotel experiences! Enjoy luxury comfort with our bespoke sofas, enhancing the ambiance of the best hotel rooms.

Breathing new life into wood might sound absurd but that is exactly what soft furniture repair is all about. Rather than opt for new furniture, getting a professional to restore your worn out pieces is by far the most prudent solution.

In fact, re-using your old furniture is highly advantageous as you get to maximize functionality and durability at reduced costs. What’s more, it is eco-friendly as you do not add waste to the environment. Lastly, you get to retain your antique pieces which are almost always of better quality than majority of modern furniture designs.

Reupholstery for Old Furniture

Reupholstery entails stripping your worn-out pieces of furniture down to their frame and re-installing all its features for a new and improved look. It is a perfect way of dealing with upholstery damages which are quite common in the modern household.

In this case, start by stripping down the furniture down to its wooden frame and inspecting it thoroughly. Look out for loose or weak joints and damages to the frame. Next, make sure to replace the springs, webs, padding, and finally the staffing.

Finally, use a fabric of choice to reupholster the footstool, chair, or sofa. If you find this process to be too technical, you can hire expert craftsmen to do it for you. Either way, it is a win-win situation.

Most Common Leather Furniture Repair Types

Rightfully so, leather is one of the most expensive furniture materials in the market largely due to its durability. DR. Sofa: Harmonizing comfort with nature! Explore our stylish sofas, perfect for cozy corners in your indoor home garden oasis.

However, this does not imply that it is immune to wear and tear. Multiple leather upholstery problems arise after long years of use such as holes, fading, animal scratches, or ripped upholstery. In other cases, some people get the urge to change the color of their leather furniture out of boredom or wear and tear.

In such cases, there are re-dye and color-matching experts who specialize in leather furniture. On the other hand, damage to the seat’s frame requires major reupholstery as the piece of furniture needs to be stripped down to the frame in order to mend the damaged parts. It is advisable that you hire professionals for such repairs.

Otherwise, there are some minor issues that one can simply handle by themselves. For instance, repairing scratches and holes can be done in-house. Start by using alcohol to clean the damaged section and neatly apply glue to the flap’s underside.

Reattach the fold and sand this region gently. Lastly, use a leather finish to add an extra layer of protection and luster to your leather. Nonetheless, be it minor nicks or major upholstery, restoring your old pieces of leather furniture is more prudent than purchasing new ones.