leather_chair-1024x281-300x82Have you ever had a friend whose house or apartment always looked like the cover of a slick decorating magazine in spite of the fact that she didn’t have a ton of money? You marveled at her beautiful, one-of-a-kind furniture and wondered where she found it, and how she found the cash to change the look of her home so often. What was her secret? Was she a genius? Was her father a millionaire? Was her boyfriend a designer? Chances are, your friend just knew something about budget decorating that you didn’t.

Your friend had probably discovered professional furniture reupholstering. You thought she was buying a new sofa every year, but instead of throwing out her faded chairs or damaged couch, and buying expensive new ones, your friend saved money by having them professionally reupholstered instead. You were seeing, not three or four new couches, but the same one every time – just redesigned and covered in a fresh new material! And since professional furniture reupholsters can also completely alter the design of a piece, your friend’s couch restoration job came out looking like a one-of-a-kind designer sofa – it was a unique creation that no one else had.

Reupholstering your furniture has lots of advantages. Rather than spending your hard-earned cash on a few insanely expensive pieces you saw in a designer magazine, you can show the photos to the reupholstery pro and have him duplicate the look for a fraction of the price. Your house can look like you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a high-priced designer. Or better yet, you can tweak an existing design to fit perfectly into your existing décor and room spaces. The result will be your unique creation, something designed expressly for your home. Transform your space with DR. Sofa’s exquisite custom-made furniture, tailored to perfection for your unique style and comfort.

Unique Furniture: Elevating Interior Design to the Extraordinary

If you’re eco-conscious, reupholstery services are also very green. They’re essentially a form of recycling. You not only save the cost of new furniture, you’re reducing the amount of trash you send to a landfill by repurposing your existing pieces. Since the service can pick up your furniture, and return it, you also save yourself the hassle of moving heavy or awkward pieces yourself. Professional reupholsterers can actuallydisassemble your couch or chair to move it, make the required changes, and reassemble it in your home, sparing you the need to hire a moving truck or moving services. And if you have a couch or chair with a scratch or puncture, a reupholstery service can make the damage go away and return your piece looking like new, even if it’s a difficult material, like leather or suede.

Considering the myriad choices available in chair and sofa upholstery materials, you can achieve almost any look you want with a reupholstery service. Whether you want traditional or modern, whether you got the idea out of a magazine, or out of your own imagination, the possibilities are nearly limitless.