Furniture Restoration & Repair Service

Quality furniture restoration brings back the beauty and integrity to an original piece. That is why the Furniture Surgeon recommends restoring only damaged or lost areas of any piece of furniture.

We treat all types of wood using the most appropriate techniques. Each job is given a personal touch, renewing the beauty of the piece and adding to its durability.

Dedicated to restoration

Our restoration process includes:

  • Meticulous cleaning. Missing parts are fabricated and replaced (i.e. decorative ornaments, hardware, drawers and legs), touch-ups, color blending and matching.
  • French polishing.
  • Extermination.


Our Restoration Services


Beautiful finishes

Refinishing is an ideal solution when the existing finish is damaged or a new look or color is desired.

Our refinishing process includes:

  • The old finish is removed by hand. The piece is then stained and color toned for a perfect match, or as specified. Each layer of material is hand polished for a flawless finish.
  • Each finish is then sealed by layered coats of protective material for beauty and durability.

Quality Furniture Repair

Quality furniture repair should be invisible to the eye and done once, and only once. Dr. Sofa┬« repairs are virtually seamless; we believe that no job should compromise a piece’s integrity or current worth. Each repair is carried out so that the once-damaged areas will not be damaged again by normal wear and tear.

Our Precision Repairs include:

  • Fire, smoke, and water damages.
  • Pet damage.
  • Moving damages.
  • Fabricating and replacing missing parts.
  • Furniture enhancement.
  • Leather and vinyl repair.
  • Raising dents and filling gouges.
  • Fixing scratches, nicks, dents.
  • Reinforcing loose joints, tightening and re-gluing.
  • Repairing broken joints.
  • Dealing with burns, stains, spills, water rings.
  • Mending recliners and sofa beds.
  • Wood floor repair.