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  • Contemporary Modular Seating for Residential Media Room

    Custom Residential Media Room: A Testament to Luxury and Innovation in New Jersey We are excited to unveil one of our premier projects: a fully customized residential media room located in New Jersey. This project stands as a beacon of our expertise in marrying contemporary design with ultimate functionality, crafting a space that promises unparalleled […]

    Custom Banquettes for Delta Airline Lounge, Newark Airport

    Project Overview: Bespoke Banquette Design for Delta Airline Lounge at Newark Airport In a landmark project showcasing our prowess in custom furniture design for airports, we are thrilled to unveil our latest collaboration: bespoke banquettes for the Delta Airline Lounge at Newark Airport. This endeavor is a testament to our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and […]

    UWS Luxury building

    From our 2023 portfolio: our project at the NYC Custom Lobby. We meticulously customized all the furniture for the lobby and other spaces within the building, closely adhering to the architect’s designs. This project, accomplished from concept to completion, is a testament to our dedication to using high-quality materials and delivering exceptional workmanship.

    American Dream Mall

    Custom large sofa – American Dream Mall NJ American Dream Mall, the largest mall in the USA. The mall opens its doors in 2021 after a long time of construction. Beyond the entertainment and shopping center, AD offer families to come and visit their Ski Lounge, Nickelodeon Universe, water parks, luxury movie theater, and many […]

    GF55 Architects

    Custom Office Furniture for GF55 Architect   AMAZING (B2B Furniture Design by Dr.Sofa) designs and makes custom office furniture. GF55 Architect is a high-profile company providing a complete range of architectural services. Not so long ago GF55 had a very special project – they’ve designed a solution for their own new office space and […]

    Custom-made Velvet Sofa: An Epitome of Luxury Furniture Design

    Custom-made Velvet Sofa: An Epitome of Luxury Furniture Design Discover the pinnacle of luxury seating with our custom-made velvet sofa, a masterpiece crafted by Dr. Sofa. Tailored for a high-profile clientele, this exquisite piece, known affectionately as the “Celebrity Sofa,” showcases the unparalleled elegance and comfort of bespoke furniture design. A Royal Red Velvet Masterpiece […]

    Chelsea NYC building lobby

    Building Lobby Custom Sofa : Chelsea Building AMAZING (Building Lobby Sofa & Business Furniture Solutions by Dr. Sofa) received an order for designing and customizing furniture for the NYC Chelsea building (designed by GF55 AIA design). Building Lobby Custom Furniture: Challenge As we soon came to find out, this project was never going to be […]

    N7 Brooklyn NY

    Building lobby in Brooklyn NY.Custom design furniture by Paris Forino and production by Amazing Dr.Sofa.Sectional sofa with quality leather, conference table with aged oak wood, kids playroom table.

    Conductive Coaching

    Long Sofa Design 24 Feet – New York City Conductive Coaching HQ Bright, comfortable, gigantic, and long sofa design – These four words best describe this Conductive Coaching project. As per the client, we were to align the 24 feet sofa design with the company logo colors. As such, size was just but the tip […]

    The Rennie

    The Rennie Building Lobby Interior Design, Harlem The Rennie Building is well known for its classical design and sustainable build. However, our efforts of building the building’s lobby interior also stuck to these confined in a bid to complement the architectural outlook. We undertook the project using strict lines and classic combinations of colors and […]


    Custom Velvet Sofa – Adidas Showroom, Los Angeles The project was to create a custom velvet sofa for the Adidas LA Location. The result was a unique, catchy, and trendy piece of furniture, just like the brand itself! Inspiring & Unique Design Furniture With such a brand name, it was overly important that we come […]


    ARI Department Store, New York ARI is a luxury shop that specializes in handmade Italian clothing. This business establishment is located on 471 W Broadway, New York. They ordered sitting items that would go hand in hand with the shop’s loft interior. However, the space is like no other department store. To a great extent, […]


    USPS Office, New York Campus/Training Center in New Jersey What makes office furniture great? Fresh and well-thought design? Ergonomics? Durability? It is actually combining all the above mentioned to pursue one main aim – deliver comfort to people who use this furniture. A well-though design ensures that the available space is maximally used and that […]

    Calvin Klein

    Calvin Klein Department Store, New York Calvin Klein designing and customizing furniture per the brand guidelines of a well-known company is always an honor. However, it always presents a massive challenge given that such companies expect pieces of furniture that conform with their brand image. As such, the focus lies in designing inspiring pieces of […]

    InnSide Hotel

    Exclusive Furniture Design ––InnSide Hotel, New York The main challenge while designing the signature restaurant interior for InnSide Hotel, NYC, was to maximally engage the useful space. Secondly, we were to provide people with secluded areas they would spend the whole evening in comfort. Signature Restaurant Furniture- Challenges The main requirement was to design exclusive […]

    Bank of America

    Classy Orcher Leather Sofa Project – Bank of America, New York The classy orcher leather sofa nested in the New York Department of Bank of America is another enormous giant in our collection of sectional couches. This sofa is 59 feet long and made with high-quality cowhide leather. They introduced design for comfrotable seating places […]


    WeWork, New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Denver In New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Canada, and many more locations To clarify, WeWork provides its clients with shared workspaces largely for tech startups. Its offices are based in New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Denver, […]

    The Plaza

    Hotel Furniture Design – The Plaza Hotel, New York For any interior design, it is the furniture that creates the whole look. It is the same case for The Plaza Hotel. The client was after pieces of furniture that would complement the elegant, traditional French look. That is customary of this establishment. As such, the […]

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