Custom large sofa – American Dream Mall NJ

American Dream Mall, the largest mall in the USA. The mall opens its doors in 2021 after a long time of construction. Beyond the entertainment and shopping center, AD offer families to come and visit their Ski Lounge, Nickelodeon Universe, water parks, luxury movie theater, and many more popular stores to high-end brands. When you come and visit AD, you will be surprised by the luxury design of the interior, Masterminds of architects and design gave the look and atmosphere of an unforgettable experience.

The design team hired Dr.Sofa and the Amazing team in 2019 to construct the Dream seating sofa of the mall areas.

From rendering to Reality.

AD design team wanted to give visitors a unique experience and opportunity to enjoy their shopping in the mall and let them fly in their imagination that they are not just in another place, you may see it when they design the furniture for the mall area, large sofa apex 60 feet each one, with a special shape, textile, and style, once you seta on it you can feel the difference. The amazing team of Dr.sofa, from the begging, understand the vision, together with the engineering team they drafted the shop drawing to present the construction of those large sofas, the results came a little later. You must visit AD mall to see and feel the outcome of wonderful un ordinary seating sets, some images will explain how we can take your vision into reality, from Rendering to reality!

Elegant commercial Furniture Design

When it comes to residential decoration and furniture design, the scope must work on customer teste and lay our design of the house. Commercial furniture design like for building lobbied, hotels, and malls the design challenge little different, not just keeping special unique design style but also has to be constructed in a different way to keep the integrity in high traffic area.

We at Dr.Sofa, like those challenges, like to work with the design team of the client and provide our years of experience in Custom made furniture for B2B and B2C.

5-Star Customer Service

Junior and Mark just left and turned my saggy broken furniture into solid and comfy! Great job Dr. Sofa! I highly recommend you to all my FB friends!!!!
Thanks to Junior and Mark for a super and professional job!

Anita Olender Levine Avatar
Anita O.


James Rothman Avatar
James R.

The technician, Diego, was fantastic - obviously knows exactly what he's doing and was completely honest about what actually required service and what didn't. I liked him so much! Please note that I am still waiting on an estimate from you, though. That's not Diego's fault!

Lara Heimert Avatar
Lara H.
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