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Hotel Furniture Design – The Plaza Hotel, New York

For any interior design, it is the furniture that creates the whole look. It is the same case for The Plaza Hotel. The client was after pieces of furniture that would complement the elegant, traditional French look. That is customary of this establishment. As such, the challenge was to ensure that the pieces of furniture we created did not clash with the hotel’s contemporary aspects of design.

Custom Upholstery for Hotel Furniture

As usual, our team of experts was up to the task. Our furniture designs injected a fresh dose of elegance into multiple spaces within the hotel. Certainly, we specialized on exotic designs. Especially those with more of a French appeal. From the beds, armchairs, to sofas, we were able to come up with elegant designs.

All elements did not interrupt the classy look that Plaza Hotel is reputed for.

Elegant Furniture Design

In addition to style, we designed all the pieces of furniture to withstand wear and tear. Ideally, the goal was to create stylish pieces of furniture without compromising on quality. Our team undertook each construction using the finest materials:

  • leather
  • padding foam
  • wood

Judging by the quality of materials used, this furniture is guaranteed to serve clients of The Plaza Hotel for several years to come.

Hotel Furniture Solutions

For a gorgeous and luxurious Plaza hotel, we have redecorated the Royal suite. We designed and customized the softest beds and sofas. By all means, we aimed to give the pace a uniquely royal look.

After visiting this establishment, one is guaranteed to feel like he/she is a member of the royal family.

Evidently, it is simply due to the exquisit furnishing of this gorgeous hotel. Whether it is the dining area, bedroom spaces, or even at the reception, you are sure to notice the expertly crafted pieces of furniture that add to the hotel’s appeal.

By and large, this project went a long way. As a result, it affirms The Plaza Hotel as one of the finest establishments in New York!

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