Dr.Sofa Helping Tips

Study the whole situation before you take on the challenge

Dr.Sofa® always recommends useful furniture helping tips to people planning a move or before purchasing new piece of furniture, to measure the path the furniture must take to see if it fits.

Take all three dimensions W x L x H of the piece. The best advice we can provide you is not just to check the entrance door, but also the elevator height, hallway, the room where the furniture needs to go, etc. Bring those measurements to your sales person or move estimator and ask if they can check for fit.

Furniture Helping Tips – Has someone suggested that you cut the foundation of your furniture?

If you are in a situation where the sofa is a few inches too tall to fit, and all that you need is for the legs to be removed, proceed with caution. If the legs can screw out, there is no problem.

If they want to cut off the legs, which are a continuation of the frame and structure, you should only allow a professional do this major surgery.

Are you dealing with the right company?

If you hire professionals to work on your premises always ask for a CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE (COI) , WORKER’S COMPENSATION INSURACE, LIABILITY and TRANSPORT INSURANCE. Some professions need a license or permit as well (electrician, plumbers…). DO NOT ASSUME RISK FOR UNINSURED PEOPLE WORKING AT YOUR HOME. Get professional furniture helping tips from Dr.Sofa before you hire any company.

How to transport your furniture?

During your move, always make sure that your furniture well wrapped. This will protect from a lot of potential damages.

How to schlep your antique?

Dr.Sofa® recommends that you never lift or load your antique furniture from the legs. Wooden legs on antique furniture can be very delicate and can break easily.

Check if they are a real company

Before you make a decision on which professional service company you are going to hire, check some references about the company. There are many scam companies that only charge cash for their jobs. Then if something happens, they disappear and you have no one to talk to and no warranty for the service.

What to do when you damage your furniture

If your upholstered furniture got stained or your table got scratched, do not try clean or repair it by yourself.

Dr.Sofa® would recommend that you to contact an upholstery cleaning company or a professional furniture repair company and get useful furniture helping tips before you worsen the damage to your furniture.

How to take care of your leather sofa?

Dr.Sofa® recommends always maintaining your leather furniture by periodic cleaning and conditioning, depending on the climate change. Like our skin that needs body lotion, leather furniture needs a moisturizer as well. if you don’t do so your sofa might crack and start tearing.

Does other company offer multiple service?

In addition, you should always prefer to deal with one company that can provide you with multiple services. Dr.Sofa® offers multiple furniture services under one roof. This can save the hassle of dealing with different professionals.