Bank of America

Classy Orcher Leather Sofa Project – Bank of America, New York

The classy orcher leather sofa nested in the New York Department of Bank of America is another enormous giant in our collection of sectional couches.

This sofa is 59 feet long and made with high-quality cowhide leather. They introduced design for comfrotable seating places all across the banking hall.

Assembling The Masterpiece

Assembling this masterpiece involved three people with surgical precision to make it perfectly fit the area near the curved wall and all across the room.

The Bank of America is a high reputed financial institution. Above all, To come up with a piece of furniture mandate to us that confirms to this reputation.

It needed to be classy, comfortable, and durable, with an official touch to it.

Quality Custom Furniture

More importantly, the piece of furniture needed to be in line with the exquisite nature of the banking hall’s interior finish.

For the better perfection, it should include a variety of lavish elements; from marble tiles to the majestic wall paintings.

To sum up, it was mandatory that the piece of furniture complements this style and blends in with all the major tenets of this interior style.

The Perfect Design Essense

The solution, in this case, was a 59 feet long sofa made from top quality cowhide leather.

This project specifically utilizes the black color. Because, it complemented the dark-colored floor and added to the exquisite feel of the banking hall.

Achievement & Delivery:

To properly create this piece, assembling the piece on-site were required to undertake this project from a different location and assemble the piece on-site.

Further, our team of experts designed and built the classy orcher leather sofa from one of our local offices.


They packed each of the pieces safely, and delivered them to the banking hall. Meanwhile, three of our staff members went about fitting and fixing the pieces to create the whole.

By and large, the project was a great success.

5-Star Customer Service

Expensive, but they came fast and took my couch apart and reassembled it inside my new apartment within 30 minutes. Very professional overall and will be using them again.

Daniel Caruso Avatar
Daniel C.

Giovanni was AMAZING! He was here to assist us with an hour and went to our clients home immediately. Our client just called and said he was so professional and really knew his stuff!
We thank you Dr Sofa, will use you again soon :)

Mary Jane Tarlton Avatar
Mary J.

5 star rating the company is great and diego is awesome. they delivered a huge sofa to my apt on time and were very careful not to bang it up despite it being gigantic. they didn't have to do any "surgery" thankfully but the service was top notch.

Steve B. Avatar
Steve B.
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