Custom Velvet Sofa – Adidas Showroom, Los Angeles

The project was to create a custom velvet sofa for the Adidas LA Location. The result was a unique, catchy, and trendy piece of furniture, just like the brand itself!

Inspiring & Unique Design Furniture

With such a brand name, it was overly important that we come up with a unique and highly inspiring design for the couch.

As such, a deep blue color soft custom velvet sofa – king of the upholstery textiles– came out as the most viable selection for this piece. Additionally, unique design made the sofa all the more appealing.

Essentially, we incorporated all the ingredients that add sense and value to ordinary things. I.e. a unique design and a sturdy, yet eye-popping,material. To this end, it is safe to state that the brand and the soul of Adidas served as inspiration for this piece.

Obviously, such a delicate and gigantic piece of furniture could not be built on-site. Therefore, we decided to build it from our New York offices. After which we carefully packed it and shipped it to Los Angeles.

The trick here is that different parts of the sofa were built and later on assembled to create the whole. This made it possible for us to ship the different pieces from New York to California. Given that, it would be impossible to ship the entire assembled piece. There were 5 parts in total. All of which were neatly assembled by a local team in the Adidas showroom.

King Size Upholstery Textiles & Unique Design

The complexity and simplicity of the design allowed us to custom the sofa in a way that it can be shipped long distances. It was important to ensure that it does not require any specialty in order to put it together. Which makes it look like one rather long piece.

5-Star Customer Service

Giovanni was AMAZING! He was here to assist us with an hour and went to our clients home immediately. Our client just called and said he was so professional and really knew his stuff!
We thank you Dr Sofa, will use you again soon :)

Mary J. Avatar
Mary J.

Dr. Sofa did a GREAT job on a broken chair and returned the item so quickly and efficiently. Thanks Dr. Sofa!

Vivian Avatar

Dr. Sofa’s staff was very accommodating to my needs. They were easy to reach by phone, friendly and helpful.
The men did an excellent job of taking apart our old sofa and moving it to a location in our apartment building where it later would be removed for disposal.
I highly recommend them.

Rae F. Avatar
Rae F.
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