ARI Department Store, New York

ARI is a luxury shop that specializes in handmade Italian clothing. This business establishment is located on 471 W Broadway, New York.

They ordered sitting items that would go hand in hand with the shop’s loft interior. However, the space is like no other department store.

To a great extent, the interior resembles a gentlemen club as it features an antique brick wall, a glass cordoned stairway, sleek wooden shelves packed with glasses of wine, and a sleek black wooden floor. It is evident that the store’s interior design is meant to make customer’s feel at home as they go about their shopping.  

Finest Interior Leather Sofa Decoration

During the interior leather sofa decoration project, a special request was made to us. They wanted to create furniture that was more than just a place to sit on. The customer’s vision was of pieces furniture that offered customers a new experience. In other words, whenever a customer sits on these chairs, he or she should feel a connection with the store’s fashion style.

Therefore, it was all about coming up with comfortable, luxurious, durable, and classic pieces of furniture that generally complements the gentleman club feel of the department store. 

Black Cowhide Leather -ARI Department

Given these specifications, our solution for this interior leather sofa manufacturing came in the form of four luxury black armchairs. They need them to made from shiny and squeaky clean leather. The way they look, the sounds you hear, and the smell you feel when you nestle yourself in any of them won’t leave anyone cold. The selection of Black cowhide leather is a perfect solution to match this unique customer request. It went a long way in incorporating an exquisite yet classic style to the department store. More importantly, the sofa set is very comfortable and the material is guaranteed to last for several years to come.

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