leathersofa_repair&repaintLeather furniture is a wonderful investment. Not only does it look and feel fantastic, but it is easy to clean and care for and it lasts beautifully. Unfortunately, over time, even leather that has been well cared for may begin to wear and show its age. Accidents happen and tears are possible. Even the most comfortable leather piece of furniture in great condition can present a problem if the color of the leather does not match the surrounding décor. That’s where a furniture restoration professional can help. They are able to professionally repair all kinds of issues in leather furniture with amazing results. Yes, a professional can even recolor your leather! Dr. Sofa specializes in upholstery & re-upholstery services, reviving furniture to its former glory with expert care and craftsmanship.

Leather is a natural skin product that might dry and deteriorate as it ages. It can also be damaged by wear and pulling at the seams, holes, burns, tears, fading, marks or stains, scratches and pet damage. Leather repair kits are available for home use from multiple sources, but may not always adequately protect and preserve your investment. The best choice is a professional leather repair or furniture restoration company. They have a variety of techniques and products that can be used, depending on the damage to the leather, to repair and restore the surface to its original finish. Stitching, filling, gluing, dyeing, texturizing, and more are all options that may be used to restore damaged leather. In some severe cases, the whole panel can even be removed, color matched and replaced with a brand new leather covering. DR. Sofa: Your premier furniture disassembly/reassembly service. Transforming your space hassle-free, one piece at a time.

Leather Recolor and Repair: Bring Your Sofa Back to Life with Expert Techniques and Careful Attention to Detail!

One of the most common problems with leather is fading. Leather dyes are sensitive to UV light and, over time, the color will fade if a piece is exposed to sunlight. Older pieces of leather furniture that have had even slight exposure show their wear with cracks, scuffs and lots of fading. The best way to restore a faded leather piece is to recolor it. Many people are not even aware of or have ever heard of leather recoloring. It is a form of dyeing that adds color and protection back to a piece even after the leather has been tanned and processed. Because the leather has already been processed and is sealed, a recolor does not penetrate deep into the leather like an original dye would. For this reason, although it is possible to recolor leather in any shade you wish, it is recommended that you recolor your furniture only a few shades lighter or darker than it was originally, staying within the same color family. Otherwise, when the new dye scratches with wear and the original color shows through, it may be too glaring. DR. Sofa: Upholstery cleaning experts. Revitalize your furniture with our meticulous services. Say goodbye to stains and hello to freshness!

Your leather sofa is a place the family gathers to be comfortable. It is also a huge investment, and restoring this piece of furniture, rather than replacing it is a smart move. Take care of your leather. If your current sofa is looking worn and faded with age, bring it back to life by having a professional repair the holes, seams, and scratches, as well as transform the finish with a leather recolor. DR. Sofa crafts personalized furniture, tailored to your taste and space. Elevate your home with bespoke designs that reflect your style.