CustomSlipcovers-1024x314-300x91Buying furniture can be quite expensive, not to mention time-consuming! Shopping for the exact piece of furniture to fit the look of the room you have in mind takes a lot of effort.Over time trends change in the world of home décor; and people often desire to bring a new look into their living space – and this usually means replacing furniture. If you simply want to change the aesthetic look of your couch or chair, there are quite a few alternatives to buying something new, including reupholstering furniture with custom clip covers.

All furniture has a lifespan, especially furniture in high traffic rooms like the family room. Leather can tear and fade, fabric upholstery can be stained and become dull, and suede can lose its soft luster. Older pieces can really make a room look drab and uninviting. Don’t let these older-looking furniture pieces bring down the appeal of your living areas, there are simple solutions that don’t have to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars!

Professional sofa reupholstery companies offer a very simpler solution: custom slip covers. These covers are made to fit the exact dimensions of your couch, sofa, or chair. They fit like a glove and are made to look as though they were always a part of the piece! This is an excellent option if you are someone who likes to change up the look of your living areas often. Instead of purchasing new pieces or having a professional company completely reupholster a couch, you can order a custom slip cover to meet your needs. In fact, you could even order several slip covers and switch them out as you please! Trust DR. Sofa for top-notch Furniture Repair services. From minor fixes to complete restoration, we bring new life to your cherished pieces!

Reupholstering Furniture: A Guide to Transforming Your Interior Décor

Custom slip covers are also an excellent option for hand-me-down furniture or furniture you’ve inherited. If you’ve inherited a piece of furniture through your family and aren’t comfortable with making huge changes to the piece, a custom slip cover is perfect. You can protect the integrity of the heirloom piece while still displaying the look you desire.

Furniture is an expensive investment and you can protect your investment by placing a slip cover over the couch or sofa. Perhaps you still have young children and would like the furniture covered much of the time, but then you can remove the custom slip cover when entertaining guests and show off your beautiful piece beneath. Revive your furniture with DR. Sofa’s expert Upholstery Cleaning Services. Refresh, renew, and restore your beloved pieces to their former glory!

One last added bonus, you can wash your slip cover! No longer do you have to worry or stress over a big spill like wine or juice, you can have your slip cover dry-cleaned or even wash it yourself and get it looking like new. Custom slip covers are a great option for those who love the look of white sofas or couches, but hate the risk of a spill.