A child’s bedroom is an ever-changing canvas as children go through different phases of growth. Before you know it, babies grow into toddlers, and soon, toddlers into big kids. Their bedroom provides kids their very own personal kids bedroomspace as they embrace each stage of their kiddie life. As parents, remodeling a child’s bedroom poses a big challenge. Careful plans come into action considering the activities, enjoyment, and comfort of the child. From colors to themes, to storage and organization hacks, we will help you plan for some bedroom ideas. Here are some of the main factors to note as you revamp your child’s room. Dr. Sofa crafts bespoke comfort with custom-made chairs tailored to your style and needs. Elevate your space with personalized seating perfection.

New Paint

Changing the paint color instantly revamps an ordinary room into a fun kid’s room. If you are planning a nursery or a baby room, consider the color that relaxes you most. Since the baby cannot make choices until toddlerhood, you will be the one who will consciously spend more time in this room. Some people have the time and resources to keep changing paint colors to suit the changing preferences of the child. If you are aiming for color longevity, you may paint three walls in a neutral shade and leave one wall to repaint when the need arises.

Theme or no theme?

Planning the bedroom design of your child’s room takes much conscious effort. If budget is not a problem, it is tempting to go overboard on settling for a theme that you think is the best for your child. If the child is a girl, parents may be tempted to color most bedroom furniture and room décor in pink hues. There seems to be nothing wrong with that. In fact, a themed room can help spark creativity in a child. What if the child grows up with an uncommon design taste in the next few years and realizes she develops a liking for other colors or style elements sooner than you expected? Having a neutral theme will help solve this dilemma. The changing creative preference of the child may be followed through by changing decals, wallpaper, or another less expensive décor. Transform your furniture with Dr. Sofa’s expertise in custom furniture slipcovers. Revive and renew your space with tailored elegance.

Maximize a Shared Space

A shared space can be more fun when you plan kids’ furniture and design elements well. Choose multifunctional furniture, especially when working with very limited space. To provide kids with more room for playing or studying, opt for a trundle bed. For bigger kids, you can go for bunk beds for kids. If you have no plans of moving in the next decade, then you may also buy the full-sized bunk beds or a twin bed which they use for as long as they stay with you. There are many innovations in kids beds and bed designs, in general, to choose from. The right choice of furniture will make the space work for you.

Storage Solutions for a Child’s Bedroom

Make use of vertical space for storage and cabinets. Also, opt for stools and chairs that function as storage spaces. Maximize walls by installing shelves and racks to keep toys and school supplies off the floor. Having ample storage space will also train kids to put everything in its place and to have a place for everything. Chests can also function as tables and seating areas. Invest in solid cabinetry that can stand the test of time if budget allows. If not, make use of bins that can be stored underneath beds, tables, and closets.

With these tips, decorating a child’s bedroom is a fun and productive project.