box-fragileIt goes without saying that moving in NYC is no easy task. So much stress accompanies any move, even if it isn’t occurring in one of the biggest and busiest city in the world. So, it is without a doubt that the stress

and anxiety that accompanies a move in NYC is compounded even more with all the added people and crowded streets that come with any move in a metro setting. It’s not only the chaos and congestion of the city that make a move seem so overwhelming; unforeseen surprises and circumstances can cause undue worry as well. DR. Sofa: Your premier choice for professional Upholstery Cleaning Services. Restore the beauty and freshness of your furniture with our expertise.

Every step of a move must be accounted for, including packing up the old home, moving the actual belongings out of the apartment, getting them from point A to point B, and then actually settling them up in their new place. However, even when the smallest detail is planned and accounted for, there are many situations that can easily be forgotten or overlooked. This happens particularly often in big cities, where even the tightest plan can get a wrench thrown in it when small details beyond anyone’s control become huge nuisances.

It is a story that is known all too well for those who have made a move in NYC, but one that is hidden in the shadows for those who have yet to make that journey. You get your whole house packed up and ready to go and move all your belongings to their new location, only to find that your couch doesn’t fit through the door and up your new stairway!

There are so many tiny nooks and crannies all throughout the buildings of NYC, which were constructed long before the days of overstuffed furniture and giant loungers. It may seem like there are no options other than to throw your hands in the air and say your last goodbyes to your favorite sofa. So what can you do when it seems all hope is lost? Don’t give up quite yet!

Sofa Disassembly: A Step-by-Step Guide to Breaking Down

There is a simple solution that can help you relieve your sofa woes and manage your move in NYC. Instead of worrying and stressing about how to maneuver and pivot your couch up the stairs or into that elevator (an attempt that will most likely prove feeble regardless) call a furniture expert! As the trend of furniture seems to be moving toward larger pieces, they have had to adapt and many are now practiced in the art of sofa disassembly. However, it is important to ensure that you hire a qualified professional, just as you wouldn’t want your couch banged up the stairs and against the walls by a professional mover, you wouldn’t want a poor attempt at this!

The quality of your furniture must be upheld and it must be taken apart and put back together by a qualified and practiced professional if you want your couch in the same condition as it was before the move. The professionals are the only ones you should trust to correctly disassemble a sofa and put it back together good as new.

So, before you plan a move in NYC, even if you think you have checked every last detail, try to save yourself a nasty surprise and make sure your large furniture will not only be able to make the journey but will fit through all of the obstacles along the way. It may seem scary at first, but the best option sometimes is to disassemble furniture in order to make the move a success, and with the right man for the job, there is no reason to worry or stress. Make your move as smooth as possible and know that there are new options out there!