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We rarely think about the fact that American furniture designers and manufacturers produce furniture for use in private homes, and not for the narrow nooks and tight corners of Manhattan apartments.

The nickname the “Furniture Surgeon” was given to him by his first customers:

Dr. Sofa® can offer quick and convenient solutions to the space limitations of New York apartments by disassembling the furniture and creating a smooth fit into the apartment.

How to Assemble and Disassemble Sofa? Here’s What You Need to Know

In this post, you’ll learn the best way how to assemble or disassemble your sofa. Read on to learn more!

After getting a spectacular house in New York, what’s your next move? Well, decorations matter a lot! And you might begin with your living room, right? So, what is the most beautiful and massive decoration you have in your living room? Maybe, you would think of that big plasma on the wall, am I right? Well, you are wrong if so! Of course, I am referring to that beautiful and comfortable sofa.

The sofa occupies most of the area in the living room and is the one that hosts you and your guests as well. But circumstances are given, like you are planning to move into a new house, or buy a new sofa from Restoration Hardware, what could be your greatest problem? Well, that could be disassembling and assembling the sofa.

However, worry not, because you can always have a disassembly and assembly service in New York to ask for rescue or you can simply learn how to do so on your own.

Here we go!

How to Disassemble a Corner Sofa?

This kind of sofa is rather a massive or dimensional corner structure that might take some time to analyze. It might as well depend on your experience, the availability of the needed materials, and also the comfort of work.

You can follow the steps in your guide below:

  • First, remove covers and cushions if they have one.
  • Of course, you have to move the sofa away from the wall, making the work more convenient.
  • Different types of fastening are needed to identify the need for a certain tool for dismantling. Once the mounts are located in hard-to-reach places under the upholstery, it would be wise to ask for help from professionals so you do not damage the upholstery. Still, if you want to continue doing it yourself, just take care of the presence in the arsenal of a tool.
  • Remove the brackets carefully, remove the upholstery then make the necessary manipulations before returning everything in place. And you will need a stapler here.
  • Remove the sidewalls, or in some cases, dismantle the tightening bar first.
  • Detach the parts of the seats.
  • Unscrew the nuts and remove the soft part. And dismantle the backrest. Just leave the corner element untouched.
  • In modern sofas, like the ones from Crate and Barrel, the laundry box is the only part that should be dismantled.
  • Finally, dismantle the sofa and pack all the parts to avoid any damage once moved or transported.

Simply follow these steps if you want to dismantle your sofa, or call help from professionals to do it for you.

How to Assemble a Sofa?

Now, let’s talk about assembling the sofa. Here are the steps you should follow:

  • Remove all the parts from the packaging. The parts must be complete and should have no damage at all. After preparing everything, the assembly will then follow.
  • Putting the sofa on the legs is the next step. If the sofa has decorative legs, like how attractive sofas are from Ethan Allen, you have to attach them immediately.
  • Now, the parts needed are the basic frame, armrests, ottoman, back, fittings, and some other decorative elements. The fasteners will now be installed, the back and the seat should be fixed and the armrests will be fastened alternately. If there are additional elements, install them in their designated places.

The process of assembling a sofa seems quite easy, right? However, if you aren’t knowledgeable of the important steps and guidelines during the process, things could become complicated.

Where to Ask Help?

Of course, when things get a bit complicated or if in case you don’t have the guts to do disassembly or assembly of the sofa, seeking help from professionals should be your next move. Dr.Sofa can be your top option with regards to such kind of service within New York.

With twenty years of unquestionable experience, they are furniture experts ready to help you all the time. You can rely on them if you want an urgent service with the help of advanced technologies and of round-the-clock hotline enabling them to respond to your needs quickly.

Dr.Sofa boasts certified technicians to deal with disassembly and assembly service in New York of your sofa and they are also insured and screened check technicians. The process of providing the service is excellent and other services related to furniture can also be provided by Dr.Sofa. There’s no doubt about their expertise indeed!

Yes, doing things on your own could help you save a lot, but, wouldn’t it be a lot better if done by only expert professionals? Send us your thoughts by leaving comments below!

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