Furniture Services in Washington DC

If you have ever been faced with the difficulty of moving your furniture sets from one location to the other, you will agree that it is undoubtedly a real struggle. This could be because you lack the right and needed expertise to dismantle your furniture sets professionally and reassemble them again in your new location. Moreover, it could be a result of the technicalities involved.

To be specific, if you had a larger hallway or doorway that you could move them through, you really would not have to bother about dismantling or bringing them apart. However, because of the situation of things with apartments in Washington DC, which have relatively small openings, hallways, and entries, they barely accommodate easy transportation.

It then becomes paramount to consider a professional furniture assembly and disassembly service provider like Dr. Sofa. They are furniture specialists who cater to all assembly, reassembly, and disassembly services entirely.

Furniture Disassembling

The truth is, that dismantling (disassembling) furniture can be hard work. It also sometimes comes with a relatively great deal of pain. Yet, it is a requisite function of moving furniture from one location to another. If you want your couch, sofas (including daybeds, sofa-beds), wall units, entertainment centers, armoires, headboards, pool tables, and beds (including cribs, bunk beds, & Murphy beds) to be moved effortlessly through the tiny doorways and small entries in the apartments in Washington DC, then it is logical that you expect the legs, dresser, and other parts to be removed because of the size, and thus, furniture disassembly, therefore, becomes an unavoidable reality.

Further, it is technically correct that you probably dread disassembly so much because of the risk of losing a part of the furniture, but Dr. Sofa combines experience with professionalism and handles every disassembly and reassembly service with extreme care. In other words, the size of your door shouldn’t limit your chances of moving your furniture piece with you, and rather than scratch your head and wonder if you would ever get it done effortlessly, one might often resort to leaving the item behind. This is why Dr. Sofa introduced the explicit furniture assembly and disassembly services within the confines of Washington DC and beyond to help you take your prized furniture possessions with you for as long as you want.

They take each set apart professionally with the right tools. Upon getting to your new apartment, they also help set it up with their credible reassembly service ensuring there are no scratches tears, or loss of material. To further actualize this responsibility, they work with brand companies like Restoration Hardware, Ethan Allen, creat, and Barrel, among others.

Advantages of Hiring Professional Furniture Assembly and Disassembly Service Providers

Again, it is important to mention here that while some people would rather engage in some DIY approach, it is not ideal enough. Since furniture items are often purchased with a purpose, the last thing anyone would stand is seeing them get destroyed due to negligence or for other reasons.

Moreover, furniture items or sets are heavy items that cannot always be carried alone and require some transportation devices to get them to their locations. The implication of this is that you must consider the cost of transportation and installation as well. When you have the right hands helping out with the assembling reassembling or disassembling of your furniture sets, they are saving you unnecessary stress, potential damage, and injury. And those who often choose to do it all by themselves, are perhaps scared of the huge fee that accompanies these services.

Fortunately, Dr Sofa reassembly and assembly services are quite affordable. You can hire their services for assured quality assembling. They will even save you some time because their experts only require a little time to get things done.

Dr Sofa Furniture Services Near Me in Washington D.C

In a bid to avert any forms of worry about the movement of furniture as a result of the size of the apartment or their entries in Washington DC, many American furniture designers and manufacturers have resorted to producing furniture for use in private homes and oftentimes, users might desire more flexibility. Therefore, taking apart furniture and ensuring it fits into your apartment regardless of how small it is, is the way out. That is, Dr Sofa recognizes the impact of tiny hallways, stairwells, doorways, streets, and elevators in the whole of Washington DC and the surrounding towns.

Furniture assembling and disassembling have recently become very crucial segments of moving. Hence, it requires special attention and a great deal of dexterity to get things done appropriately. That way, you would be able to avoid any damage to your furniture and to your body in the process of trying to force them through. Every single object that has been carefully dismantled during disassembling would be fixed together again from the smallest items to the biggest part. Dr Sofa professionals would ensure that everything is kept safe and preserved accordingly. They relate with hallways, prewar buildings, brownstone, small elevators, and furniture that doesn’t fit in or out, to accommodate movement through the boros or hoods and hubs of the small buildings in Washington DC.