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Introduction to Furniture-Moving Related Problems in Massachusetts Apartments


Perhaps you have entertainment centers that won’t fit- that is, that won’t go through the hallways, door, stairs, downstairs, basement, and the likes. The truth is, the movement of furniture can be difficult. This is because they are always often a compact piece, which you are trying to move without dismantling them.


This problem is even more prominent if you are resident in any part of Massachusetts. This is for no other reason than how on many occasions, your furniture set is not compatible with the small apartment entries of the town. Thus, it is a general problem that requires prompt response and action. Dr. Sofa is here to rescue you, having discovered that the loads of the problems that are related to furniture moving to revolve around their huge sizes- imagine moving an entertainment center; and that of the apartment.


Moreover, a number of American furniture manufacturers and designers are not always particularly considerate about the narrow nooks and tight corners of the apartments of Massachusetts. Instead, all they do is produce furniture for use in your homes and offices.

Thus, for quick, efficient and convenient furniture-moving solutions to the space limitations as we have in the parts of Massachusetts, and their apartments, they are intentional about furniture disassembling (prior to moving them), and reassembling (after you must have moved them to your new place). This is to allow your sofas, wall units, entertainment centers, and other furniture sets move freely through the tight hallways, stairwells, doorways, and living rooms across Massachusetts.

Moreover, it saves you the stress of moving them alone- which apparently ends in futility. Also, it guarantees that you do not end up destroying the beautiful product in the process of forcing them through the hallways.


What You Must know About Disassembling and Reassembling

Dr. Sofa can disassemble and reassemble sofas, entertainment centers, beds, armoires, pool tables, headboards, and many others. Therefore, if you are moving in brand new furniture, you will be able to safely and efficiently move them thanks to the help of the professional furniture specialists that are already on stand by at Dr. Sofa. This service covers commercial and residential needs.


Identifying the right piece of furniture that will fit through the small openings of Massachusetts apartments is really not an easy thing. Specifically, it involves several elements such as taking measurements of the sets of furniture and the openings. Moreover, this activity can slip into your busy schedule. Thus the question- do you have the luxury of time to undertake such activity?


DrSofa.com being a world-class furniture company which specializes in disassembling and assembling, partners with brands such as Restoration Hardware, Ethan Allen, Create & Barrel and more.


While there are diverse similar providers in the United States, Dr.Sofa provides an extensive range of disassembly and reassembly furniture services, and deliver with the latest tools and the right expertise. They are intentional about this service because of how conversant they are with the possible damages that may come up while moving your furniture sets all by yourself, without the help of a professional. If you are not careful, you might end up breaking your furniture pieces in the process of moving them through those tiny doorways.


What to Disassemble and Reassemble

Since furniture is often considered as an extension of your style- being a work of art, getting it where it belongs shouldn’t give us any stress whatsoever. But because we are limited by narrow staircases, cramped corridors, small doorways, and spiral staircases, it might be difficult to move them. Meanwhile, taking apart furniture and reassembling them is what Dr. Sofa does so well.

Additionally, the frames, fabrics or leather covering, bolts, nuts, and furniture pieces are disassembled to make them fit through the small spaces. They carefully dismantle them and transport them to your new apartment. Not only that, but they also reassemble upon getting to your new place.

Again, there are not so many experienced upholsterers in the whole of the United States who provide accurate pool tables, headboards, and sofas disassembly and reassembly. And because you would love to see your furniture sets in their right states and condition even after moving them from a place to the other without consciously or unconsciously destroying its structural integrity, Dr Sofa is the way to go.

Dr Sofa works directly with the following companies and brands to enhance their service delivery: tie hallways, prewar buildings, brownstone, and others. So, if you are in Massachusetts, you just found your go-to furniture pro who caters to all concerns within the context satisfactorily.



With the several numbers of furniture-moving related problems, a professional disassembly and reassembly furniture manufacturer, who is licensed and insured to satisfy all rules and regulations that relate to furniture services is what you must select. And going forward, you will no longer experience a no-fit situation to move your furniture sets.

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