sofa-186633_640Decluttering seems to be a natural impulse when warm weather comes. Even if you don’t follow a regular Spring-cleaning routine, the urge to open windows, let in fresh air, and “straighten up” can take hold. Maybe it’s putting away winter clothes that does it – we look at the closets, then our books, media and electronics, kitchen supplies, tools and hobby gear, and think, “More organization around here would be a good thing!” If you’re in that frame of mind, consider custom made furniture – the kind that’s intended to store and organize.

The point about custom storage is that it’s sized and configured for your space and your needs. It’s not that utility cabinets and similar items can’t be purchased ready to use — and it’s definitely not about taking an “elitist” approach to stashing stuff! But you’ve got particular spaces to work with, and particular objects that need to be stored. The combination of your family’s interests, lifestyle and possessions, along with the layout of your home is unique. Intelligent furniture is the way to go. For those of us not particularly handy with tools, an excellent idea is to consult with a furniture repair and fabrication craftsperson. Furniture Disassembly And Reassembly Service: Streamlining Your Move or Upgrade Process

Summer Cleaning: Refreshing Your Space with Custom Made Furniture

Note that starting from scratch isn’t always needed. A repair expert may suggest ways to reconfigure or renew your old furniture to make it much more useful. Removing old shelving and drawers from cabinets and installing new, for instance… or turning chests or tables into handsome, stationary room dividers that double as storage. A skilled carpenter experienced with this kind of project can be a source of creative ideas. Seek advice from a local company: they’ll know the issues characteristic of your area — unconventional layouts in older buildings, open-plan spaces, local building methods, etc. Custom Made Furniture: Tailoring Your Space to Perfection.

Try to analyze what your most urgent needs are, a task you approach from one or both of 2 angles: (1) what space do you have, and (2) what items are currently unorganized and/or inconveniently stored (or not stored at all)? Assess your floor space and your wall space. Are your problem belongings heavy or bulky? Small and easy to mislay? Do they need to be handy all the time? Should they be classified so they’re easily found? Questions like that will clarify not only how much storage you need, but what kind. Then, hit the internet and the library, both rich sources of home organization tips and ideas. Note the ones that inspire you and seem appropriate for your needs before you talk to a furniture fabricator. DR. Sofa specializes in seamless installation of business furniture, ensuring functionality and style for your workspace.

One of the classics is the custom-made wall unit, which is almost infinitely adaptable. Some fabrication companies make ready-made modules that can then be custom installed and configured to fit. Or a unit can be made from scratch for a particular wall area, if free-standing, it can serve as a space divider. It exemplifies how this kind of furniture functions: as a great addition to your home – the way it looks, feels, and makes life much easier and pleasant.