thinkReady for a new look in your home? Furniture reupholstery is an excellent option for revamping a piece of furniture that you love. There are many different pieces in your home that can be reupholstered to look brand new – sofas, couches, chairs, recliners, headboards, ottomans, dining chairs, and more. Furniture reupholstery is also a great option if the piece is older; many sofas and couches made before the 1950s were made with solid wood, often with high quality woods such as walnut. Don’t throw out these well-made pieces when you want a new look! Look into replacing the sofa upholstery first. If you are thinking of choosing furniture reupholstery instead of replacing the piece entirely, there are a few important things to consider first.

One of the most important things you must consider before you turn to furniture reupholstery is whether your furniture is structurally sound. Check that the frame and corner braces are in good shape, and that the springs are intact. A reputable company can check the condition of your furniture for you. Also, there are many options out there for furniture repair, so always remember to look into repairs before tossing out an expensive piece of furniture that has been damaged.

Now, the next thing to think about is what you want your piece to look like. One of the beauties of replacing sofa upholstery is that YOU get to choose the exact material used – this is a great benefit as furniture is often the centerpiece of a room. Choosing the best sofa upholstery or furniture upholstery to match your space and your needs is very important.

Reupholstering Furniture: Transforming Old Pieces into New Treasures

Be sure to consider where the furniture will be used. Will your sofa be in a high-traffic area of the house such as a living room? Will children and pets be using the furniture often? If so, choose durable sofa upholstery that will withstand heavier wear and tear. To check how durable the material is, check the back of fabric or leather swatches for the Weisenbeck rating, or simply ask your reupholstery service to point you in the right direction. In addition, you should always opt for furniture fabric protection. This is service that is important to extending the life of the fabric after a furniture reupholstery.

Also, take time to consider the fabric or material you would like to use for reupholstery. Take home fabric swatches to try out different colors and patterns. When picking your color, look at the colors already in the particular room and think about if the piece will be used often (white and cream sofa upholstery in a high-traffic room will absorb wear and tear much quicker than darker fabrics.) A great piece of advice: once you’ve picked your fabric, leave the swatch at home for a couple days so you can “live” with your decision.

Last, but certainly not least, be sure you’ve chosen a reputable, high-quality company for your furniture reupholstery. It takes skill and talent to reupholster furniture and you don’t want to skimp out on quality work. Revitalize your furniture with Dr. Sofa’s expert Upholstery Cleaning Services. Renew comfort and freshness for your cherished pieces!