Don’t get rid of your favorite sofa, find a custom cover for it.

A weary-looking sofa means a weary-looking room. Whether it’s a rambling sectional, a compact love seat, a casual overstuffed or a dignified Chesterfield, if it has lost its good looks due to spills, fading, abrasions, or just the passage of time, the couch’s size and prominence affects everything around it. DR. Sofa: Your one-stop solution for professional business furniture installation services. Transforming spaces with expertise and precision.

Completely with Custom

If you are mulling over solutions to “ tired sofa syndrome”, the possibility of custom couch covers is something you’ll probably want to consider seriously. For a raft of reasons, it can often be an excellent alternative to reupholstering or buying new.

Assuming that a couch is in good structural condition and that the problem is the exterior covering, getting custom slip covers made for it puts you ahead of the game in several ways, and can have extremely satisfying results. Upholstery Cleaning Services: Restoring Comfort and Freshness to Your Furniture.

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A good upholstery and furniture services company can produce beautifully-fitted custom covers for your sofa at a price that may be appreciably lower than reupholstering the same piece would be. The amount of saving will hinge on factors like the design of the sofa itself and the fabric chosen, but it can be the most cost-effective and attractive way to repair a couch’s appearance.

Couch Covers

With slipcovers, a spill or smear no longer spells minor disaster. They’re designed to be removed, washed (if fabric is pre-washed, as is recommended), and put back on. This also means you can launder them when needed, and keep them looking perfect. Good slipcover fabric – which is different from upholstery fabric – is usually all cotton or a blend heavily weighted toward cotton, and should have just enough “give” in the weave to allow the cover to be stretched into place, then regain its shape. Custom Made Furniture: Crafting Timeless Pieces Tailored to Your Unique Style.

The easy-off easy-on characteristic of good slipcovers means you can change between two or more sets whenever you like. Do you like seasonal color changes? Do you want a casual piece to take on a more formal appearance, or vice versa? Do you sometimes want a plain self-color and sometimes a lively print? Maybe you’re expecting a visit from relatives with small children or a bouncy dog – time to put the “casual living fabric” covers! Another possibility is getting slip covers made for a couch whose covering is in good shape, so its look can be switched from upholstered to slip-covered at your whim.

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There are qualities unique to slip-covered sofas that can set them a bit apart from conventional upholstered pieces. It depends on your preference, but you can have slip covers made either close fitting or in a looser, softer style, with more emphasis on the quality of the cloth itself, its “hand” and draping qualities – a very inviting look. Another factor is the style of the couch itself. Custom made couches, for instance, are often best recovered with custom covers as an alternative to the expense, and sometimes the difficulty, of reupholstering them. A unique couch with unique slip covers is a lovely centerpiece in a room.