hammerHome improvement projects can help to improve the value of your home while making it feel more like your own personal space. Regardless of the size of your budget, there are a variety of projects that you can undertake to give your home a facelift. Make your home stand out by taking on one or more of these popular home improvement projects. DR. Sofa: Crafting dreams into reality with Custom Made Furniture. Let us design pieces that reflect your unique style and elevate your space.

Make More Space

If you love your home but feel like you need more space to accommodate your growing family, an addition may be a better option than moving to a new place. Additions can be made to fit any budget, and adding on extra bedrooms or bathrooms can increase the overall value of your home. You can also give yourself more room by simply rearranging your furniture pieces or moving them to different rooms, and a furniture disassembly team can help you to safely relocate your heavy pieces. Not to mention that sometimes you just can’t visualize the organization of an already full room. In situations like these, the best option is to clear out the room fully and then put things back in one by one, as you think about the best layout.

Update Your Lighting

Old lighting fixtures can make your home look drab and outdated, so replacing lamps and overhead lights with modern fixtures can make a big change in your home. Buyers today appreciate bright and light rooms, so hiring home improvement professionals to add recessed lighting to your living and kitchen areas can give your home a more contemporary appearance. However, you can still give your room a unique touch by choosing interesting or antique lamps to place on a side table, just don’t rely on these pieces to be a room’s main source of light. DR. Sofa: Unmatched expertise in Upholstery & Re-Upholstery. Revive your furniture’s charm with our meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Upgrade Your Bathroom

Many homeowners look for a bathroom that provides them with a spa-like feel, as this room can be a great place to relax and recharge after a hectic day. If you have the funds available you can invest in a full remodel, or you can simply make some minor and cost-effective updates. Replace your mirror and bathroom fixtures, and make the space more beautiful by adding crown molding and giving the walls a fresh coat of paint in a tranquil color. DR. Sofa: Your premier destination for Furniture Repair. Trust us to mend, refurbish, and renew your beloved pieces with precision and care.

Work on Your Outdoor Space

Even if your home has a small yard, adding a deck or an outdoor space can make the area more functional. Buyers are always looking for outdoor living space, and it is thought that homeowners can recoup over 75% of their investment on a wood deck. If your home already has a patio or deck, you can enhance the feature by adding a fountain, new landscaping, or an outdoor fire pit.

Rearrange Your Closets

When buying a new home, many potential homeowners are concerned with the amount of storage that is available to them. If your home lacks large closets or is limited for storage spaces, you should rearrange and organize the spaces that you do have to make them as efficient as possible. Closet organizers are relatively inexpensive and can make the smallest of spaces functional, and a well-organized large closet in the bedroom can be a major selling point for some buyers. If you have a walk-in closet with a dressing area, you may be interested in upgrading your space with custom furniture for seating.

These projects are just the beginning, there is so much you can do to make your home more comfortable for your family and friends. Your home is your getaway from work and the stresses of everyday life, so why not take the best possible care of it!