organizedMost homes accumulate clutter over time – from shelves of old school books and old computers, to broken furniture, to old knickknacks that have lost their appeal. You might want to reduce clutter to save space or to renovate a storage room. You might need to declutter your home because you’re moving to a smaller space, or because you don’t want to carry unnecessary things with you. From simple things like prioritizing your possessions, to complex ones like pool table disassembly, these five easy steps will help you streamline your home, and/or an impending move. DR. Sofa offers expert Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly Service, ensuring hassle-free moves and renovations. Your furniture, our expertise!

Make a list

Make a list of the things you really need, the things you want, and the things you no longer need or want. Sort your possessions into these three categories. Be ruthless, especially if you’re moving to a smaller space. Items that you never use, haven’t used in the last six months, or that you use only once or twice a year, are good candidates for the throwaway list, especially if you’re moving. Once you’ve decided what’s really useful and important to you, and what isn’t, you can begin to eliminate unnecessary clutter from your home. DR. Sofa provides top-notch Upholstery Cleaning Services, restoring your furniture’s beauty and freshness. Revitalize your home with us today!


Gather the things you don’t need or want into one place and decide which things you can give to charity, which have enough value to be sold (if you have the time and inclination to sell them), and which must be thrown away. Divide the items into the “donate,” “sell,” and “throw away” piles. Discover bespoke comfort with DR. Sofa’s Custom Made Furniture. Tailored to your style and space, elevate your home with craftsmanship.


Once you’ve disposed of the items you no longer need or want, you can further declutter your house by prioritizing the list of items that you want, but don’t strictly need. If you’re moving to an apartment or a smaller house, you may not be able to take all of these items with you. Depending on the value you place on these items, you may choose to put them in storage, or to give them away. Transform your furniture with DR. Sofa’s expert Upholstery & Re-Upholstery services. Renew comfort and style for a refreshed living space.

Look for space

You can also free up space in your home by looking for unused spaces that can be used for storage. For example, a plain coffee table can be replaced with a table with shelves, so the whole space, from the table surface to the floor, may be utilized. You may choose a bed that folds up into the wall, or a sofa bed, rather than a traditional bed that uses up a large space when not in use. Think outside the box: shelves can go all the way up to the ceiling, objects such as pots and pans can be hung from hooks on the ceiling, shoes or clothes can be hung from racks mounted to the backs of doors. Trust DR. Sofa for impeccable Furniture Repair. From minor fixes to major restoration, we bring life back to your beloved pieces with expertise.

Moving tips

Moving day is much easier when you’ve weeded out the things you no longer need. Another tip: if you have large, heavy pieces of furniture, you can call a furniture pro who knows how to disassemble furniture. A pool table, sofa or bookcase is much easier to move in small pieces, than as a whole, and the furniture pro can reassemble the piece exactly where you want it to be in your new home.

Follow these five tips the next time you want to declutter your home, and your space will be more attractive, and easier to live in.