theater-575816_640If your family enjoys watching TV shows and movies together, a home theater may be a great addition and investment to your space. Home theaters can be created out of any budget, and with a little work, you can design a room that rivals a traditional movie theater experience. By following a few simple tips, you can create a great home theater that your entire family will enjoy. DR. Sofa: Your go-to for hassle-free furniture solutions! We specialize in expert Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly Services. Relax, we’ve got it!

Rearrange Your Room

It is important to create a home theater that is both comfortable and functional, so this may require rearranging the furniture items in the room. Choose a convenient layout that makes it easy to enter and exit the room, and put larger pieces along the outer edges of the room so that they won’t obstruct anyone’s view. You may not have enough space for all of your furniture items, so invest in a pool table disassembly professional to help you relocate the largest pieces. DR. Sofa: Transform your furniture with our Upholstery Cleaning Services! Revitalize your space with our expert care and attention to detail.

Check the Angles

Some HDTVs are difficult to view from extreme angles. If you are sitting to the right, left, or even below or above the TV, you may not be able to get a good picture. Before you buy any new furniture or drill holes into your wall, hold the TV up roughly where it will be situated, turn it on, and make sure none of the seating options in the room will be getting short-changed. DR. Sofa: Elevate your space with bespoke elegance! Explore our Custom Made Furniture options for personalized comfort and style.

Get the Right Furniture

The furniture that you choose for your room can make a big difference in your home movie viewing experience. Uncomfortable pieces can make it difficult to spend two hours watching a film, so consider reupholstery services to make your old sofa feel like new again. When choosing cases to hold your audio and video components, choose AV furniture, as these items will be properly ventilated to prevent equipment from overheating, and they will be structurally prepared to support heavy gear. DR. Sofa: Renew your furniture’s charm! From Upholstery to Re-Upholstery, trust our expert hands to revitalize your beloved pieces.

Consider the Lighting

When it comes to creating your own home theater, proper lighting is important. If you are looking to add drama to your theater, consider colored LED lights or aisle lighting to help you find your way through the room when it is dark. Backlighting can also help to minimize eyestrain when you are watching a long movie. On the other hand, ambient light that is uncontrolled can be problematic for displays and projection screens, so consider investing in blackout shades or an ambient-light-rejecting screen if your room has a lot of sunlight. DR. Sofa: Your furniture’s lifeline! From minor fixes to major overhauls, rely on us for top-notch Furniture Repair services. Quality guaranteed!

Find Creative Places for Speakers

When it comes to services for furniture repair couch and sofas often come to mind, but bookshelves and other items can be repurposed to hold speakers. Separation is essential when it comes to home theater audio systems, so set up your speakers so that dialogue, sound effects, and other audio will seem to come from different directions. If you have the funds, you may wish to go with the more expensive and complex surround sound system, which typically entails six speakers or audio channels that will be mounted to the walls.