Fall 2013 Furniture Trends
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When it comes to home decorating, everyone strives to achieve that perfect mixture of chic yet comfortable. At the same time, you want your home to be distinctly individual and representative of you, your style, and your personality. Achieving this look is all about mixing different furniture styles to create that unique and undeniably “you” look and atmosphere. With every year and every season comes a new set of trends in design and furniture, and fall 2013 is no different. From custom made furniture in NYC to the High Point market in NC, we will look at a handful of trends that are popping up in the furniture and design industry for this fall. Dr. Sofa: Your premier Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly Service. Transforming spaces seamlessly, one piece at a time. Quality care, guaranteed.

Handcrafted Beauty

There is something about a beautiful handcrafted piece that adds a little bit of intrigue into any room. This fall season, well-made original pieces have begun to take the main stage. There is something about this type of furniture that allows it to stand out in a way that generic furniture items are unable to. The carefully-constructed, handcrafted nature makes any artsy piece one of the most the eye-catching pieces in any room. Many handcrafted pieces of furniture are made from local lumber, and add a sense of character to the room that other pieces may not be able to.

Scale it Down

There was a long period of time where large and over-sized furniture was a popular option for many rooms. However, this autumn, be prepared to see furniture that is scaled down and smaller than in the past. These smaller pieces of furniture are more functional in many places, and can actually help to make your rooms look and feel larger. Just because a furniture piece is smaller in size doesn’t mean that it packs any less a style punch. Dr. Sofa: Your trusted Upholstery Cleaning Service. Revitalize your furniture with expert care and attention to detail. Experience freshness anew.

Rework the Old

When it comes to furniture trends, one that is really picking up speed is to renew your old furniture. There is something distinctly unique about an old piece of furniture that has gone out of style. Maybe the pattern is right out of the 70’s, but the frame may be beautifully distinctive and full of character. Take the time to hunt down old cheap furniture at flea markets and yard sales, and see what you can recover and re-commission for another, more updated purpose. DR. Sofa: Your furniture repair specialist! We fix your beloved pieces with care and expertise, restoring comfort and style to your home.

Incorporate Patterns

Patterns have played a varied role in furniture history, and while they may be popular one year, the next year might be a different story. This fall, you will see that patterns on fabric is going to be a popular choice for many chairs, couches, and ottomans. Fabrics are a great way to make a statement piece out of an otherwise dull accent chair. Be sure to get fabric protection for furniture pieces that will be getting a lot of use! You want to make sure that every piece you purchase will last as long. DR. Sofa crafts custom-made chairs, ottomans, and furniture to elevate your space. Tailored designs for comfort and style, made just for you.