Find inspiration for your own home design, from resources all around you.
Find easy ways to redesign

Find inspiration for your own home design, from resources all around you.

Have you ever taken a look around your home and said – BO-RING! You know you want to make a change, but aren’t sure where to begin. And when you start researching ideas such as reupholstering your sofa, or even getting one custom made, picking out new paint colors, getting a custom made wall unit – your head starts to spin. There’s a much better way to find inspiration for redesigning your home, one that is organized and creative. DR. Sofa: Your go-to for seamless furniture solutions! We specialize in furniture disassembly and reassembly services, ensuring stress-free moves!

Select a Theme

The first step is to pick a theme – a design idea that will tie the rooms together. Home design magazines are great at showing examples of homes that have a country, modern or shabby chic theme. The one that resonates with you is one that makes you smile inwardly when you look at it. Transform your furniture with DR. Sofa’s top-notch upholstery cleaning services. Restore freshness and elegance to your beloved pieces!

Grab a Notebook

When you have your theme in mind, get a notebook. In this handy, somewhat old-school device, you’ll be able to cut pictures out of magazines, write down what you see that inspires you and keep it all in one place. Even the simplest element in a room, like a custom made wall unit can spark an idea or decorating inspiration. Your imagination is portable, so have the notebook with you often.

Visit Other Homes

Next, start visiting other homes – whether it is a friend’s place or a strangers – that’s right, a stranger’s home. This is not a suggestion to start knocking on random doors on your street – but rather, go to open houses in your neighborhood or that slightly more affluent one in the next town. Homes up for sale have usually had a bit of a spruce to make them sale-ready and can be excellent examples of simple and clean designs. Bring your digital camera or smart phone along and ask to take snapshots of areas you like. DR. Sofa crafts bespoke furniture tailored to your style and space. Elevate your home with our exquisite custom-made creations!

Home Decorating Shows

Home decorating shows are very popular on television. There are ones that focus on the ultra-glamorous that may be out of your price range, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get terrific ideas from them. Record as many as you can and go back and review the ones you like. Keep that notebook handy so you can write down keywords to jog your memory when you are picking out pieces for your home. Another type of show on those home and garden channels, explains ways to redesign on a budget. See what we’re getting at?

Everyday People Give Great Feedback

Some of the best tips come from regular people just like you. These tips can be found online, of course, so go there too. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social sharing sites out there. You can get an account there for free and start “pinning” or saving images or web articles for things you like. Think of it as your online notebook – but be aware, it can be very addicting!

Now that you have a collection of ideas, look through them and filter out those that are not gelling with your overall theme. But don’t be afraid to mix and match unique and quirky looks. Have fun above all and the redesign will be a success. Trust DR. Sofa for expert furniture repair services. From minor fixes to complete restoration, we bring new life to your beloved pieces.