cottage_door_and_window_199195-300x199Making the front of your home more attractive will increase its curb appeal.

The way your front door looks can have a major effect on your entire house’s appearance. Your curb appeal can change the price of your home if you’re selling, and it can create either a positive or negative first impression for visitors. Many home improvement professionals dedicate a great deal of time to improving the outside appearance of homes. If you can’t afford to hire a professional, you can DIY your way to a gorgeous home entrance. Follow these simple steps to create an inviting front yard. Change Your Paint Colors Your home’s paint color is important whether you’re selling or staying! Having your home painted a neutral, modern color can make a major impact on its appearance. If you have basic white, consider painting your home a dark charcoal. If you have dark, unsightly brick, consider white washing it, or painting it a lighter color. This can completely change the vibe that your home gives off. If you aren’t sure which colors to choose, consider a professional consultation before you decide.

Make Your Entrance Inviting

When you invite guests into your home, you’re going to want your entry way to look charming and put-together. Use plants, paint color, and a few well-placed deck chairs to create a warm and welcoming entry. You can purchase custom made furniture from many shops online that specialize in deck furniture, or you can spruce up your existing patio furniture with a crisp paint job and some reupholstery.

Adjust Your Outdoor Lighting

Make sure your outdoor lighting is on when it needs to be. Consider setting it on a timer, so that it always turns on at dusk. If you don’t have sufficient lighting to light your door and guide your way, put in your own lighting, so that your guests feel automatically welcome in your home and in your yard.

Use Bright Colors and Interesting Accessories in Your Doorway

A patterned welcome mat, a gorgeous potted flower, and a bright front door go a long way in making a sunny, positive first impression. Consider your personal taste before committing to one style or another, but make sure the overall impression is inviting and friendly. A unique knocker or cool door knobs make an eclectic impression on your guests.

Make Your Indoor Entrance Just as Inviting

Buy new furniture or renew your old furniture in your front hallway. Create a mudroom for storing coats and shoes, and create a distinct entryway for your guests that leads into your living area. Make sure your living area matches the tone you’ve set for your outdoor entrance. If you’re going for bright and sunny, continue that theme inside. If you prefer tranquil and relaxed, plan accordingly for your entryway.

Whether you’re staging your home for selling or simply living in it yourself and entertaining guests, consider your home’s curb appeal. Adjusting your home’s outward appearance is easy if you have the will to do it yourself. Your door way is your home’s first impression, so make a strong one with these five easy steps.