DIY-Paint-Project-300x198Sometimes the best home decor is the kind you add a personal touch to.

The hot summer months are a great time to bond with your kids. They’ve just come back from a year of sitting at a desk and taking notes and studying for tests, and they’re finally looking for a break. The pressure is on: what to do with your kids so you can spend some quality time with them and they can have some summer fun? You could always send them to sleepaway camp, which solves the problem of how to entertain them, but what about those few days between school and camp where your kids are home with nothing to do?

A good summer activity that will both entertain you kids and spruce up your home is painting and decorating a custom made headboard. This means, first, help your little ones design their very own unique headboard. This headboard can be as simple as a rounded edge dome, or a unique shape or idea that you can’t find in stores. Talk it over with your child: then draw pictures of your dream design together until you settle on the perfect look for your room.

Then, you have a few options for your headboard: You can have the headboard furbished right there with Dr. Sofa’s large selection of different fabrics and textiles. This includes a selection of leather and carpets that you can match to the coloring that is already in place in your room. This can give the bedroom a finished look—especially if the paint and carpet of the bedroom are already in a unique color that is hard to find in stores. Another option that is more fun but definitely messier is to buy paints and dress your kids in clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Then, have your child paint their own headboard! This will give their whole bedroom a personal and homey feel. Not only will your child have fun, he or she will now have a piece of the bedroom that they can be proud of and that they can call their own. Every time they walk into their room, they will proudly show off their beautiful, new creation.

Once your child has a creatively designed headboard, why stop there? For more fun, have a custom-made wall unit installed and paint that too! You can match your headboard’s colors to your wall unit’s colors, or have them clash fashionably. Whatever you decide, your child’s room is sure to look more personal and fun. Plus, your child will have an absolute blast creating them too!

There are many different custom-made options you can choose from. And remember, spacing is not a problem! With a custom-design, you get to choose how big or small your furniture will be. This is a great solution for tight living spaces, or if you already have a furnished room and you’re just looking for one last accessory to perfect it. No matter what you choose, you and your child will share some smiles and laughs, and you will create both a memory and furniture that will last a lifetime