Embrace the many shapes, sizes and colors of furniture from around the world.

Ever traveled to another country? Chances are, if you have, you’ve noticed the influence that culture can have on furniture and home décor. For example, in India bright, rich colors and embellishments are the norm. In Morocco, textures and arches influence the furniture. When you’re designing your own home, studying the cultural influences of foreign countries can be a great way to discover your own personal style. Adding a little flavor to your décor can brighten up your space. These are the top five most unique and culturally-influenced furniture styles from other countries, designed to inspire you. Dr. Sofa provides professional furniture disassembly and reassembly services, ensuring seamless moves and hassle-free arrangements.

5. Greek’s bright blues and crisp whites keep things simple.

It’s easy to be inspired by the easy-going culture of the Greek islands. If you want to re-create the relaxing oasis in your own home, keep things simple. Rich wood tones work great with the clean white and blue palate. Keep your whites crisp by using the color on your walls and on your furniture. An all-white bed makes the white walls appear even more dramatic. Dr. Sofa delivers meticulous upholstery cleaning services, rejuvenating your furniture with expert care and leaving it fresh and vibrant.

4. French frills make your whole home romantic.

If you want to be inspired by French design, you need to indulge in your girly side. Gold, velvet, romantic shades of pink and red, French furniture design is soft and girly. If you want to create the same look in your own home, consider making custom bed frames with soft velvet or romantic gold trim. The trick is to make your home feel rich and indulgent, like you’re the queen of your castle. Dr. Sofa crafts bespoke furniture tailored to your vision, blending quality materials with expert craftsmanship for timeless pieces.

3. Furniture from Thailand is intricate and hand-carved.

Thai furniture is often very intricate and hand-carved. Bamboo is carved in very intricate patterns. If you purchase a piece from Thailand and you live in a NYC, consider furniture pickup and delivery. You definitely don’t want to damage a custom Thai piece by moving it up into your apartment. Dr. Sofa specializes in upholstery & re-upholstery, breathing new life into your furniture with precision and craftsmanship.

2. British furniture is classic and preppy.

True British furniture is timeless and classic. Dark colors, deep and rich leathers and antique decorations create the ultimate British oasis. If you want to recreate this look in your own home, snag a leather footstool at an antique store and build the room around it. Globes, books and photographs help create a look that’s completely groovy. Dr. Sofa expertly repairs furniture, restoring its functionality and beauty with skillful hands and attention to detail.

1. Indian furniture uses bold jewel tones and intricate wood carvings

Indian furniture and decorations are bright and bold. Even their wood furniture is intricate and alive. The colors are rich, making your entire room feel vibrant. If you want to recreate this look without purchasing custom Indian pieces, use bold colors and remember that it’s all in the details. Balance your bright colors with simple furniture.

Creating a global feel in your own home is easy if you use these simple tricks. Find a piece you love and build a room around it. Ask yourself which style feels best in your own home and recreate it in huge or small ways to feel worldly and connected.