roomThe way your home space functions is a major influence on your daily life. We’ve all been in places that made us uncomfortable. Sometimes this is something obvious, like a room layout that makes moving around awkward. Other times it’s harder to identify… except you know it’s not right, at least not for you. The qualities of a well designed home are comfort and ease of use. Comfort is obvious –comfortable temperature and lighting, comfortable places to eat, sit and sleep – and ease of use means how simple or hard it is to carry on daily activities in your space. There are numerous personal factors here, but one thing is universal: home furnishings can make or break your home design. Revitalize your space with DR. Sofa’s expert Upholstery Cleaning Services. Restore comfort and freshness to your furniture effortlessly!

The placement of furniture and rugs, lamps, favorite possessions, etc. defines the comfort and usefulness of spaces in a living area, whether it’s open-plan or has rooms. The apartment or house will get you started with givens like window and door placement, or big hints like a fireplace or sliding doors to a patio. But you’ve got creative leeway. Grouping furniture is basic. An L-shaped group of upholstered seating arranged to encourage conversation, TV viewing, afternoon tea, etc. makes that space a living room. Bookshelves in an alcove with an armchair and lamp is a reading nook! Similar shelves in a corner with table, task light and adjustable chair is a Home Office.

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Experienced arrangers often use area rugs to delineate areas before moving furnishings. They also know that visual factors are important: a sofa and chair covered in matching material become a grouped suite even if they weren’t originally. Furniture reupholstery will achieve this; reputable furniture services companies can help with suggestions and guaranteed workmanship. All this generates physical comfort and ease of living. It pleases the eye and relaxes the mind to see where things go, where different activities happen. And when you’re in the Office or Dining Area, you’ve got everything at hand that you need.

Flow is closely related to furniture grouping. It means ease of physical movement, also ease of use. Examples: you don’t want a big credenza cutting off window light, or your dining area distant from the kitchen. This is an area where custom furniture can solve many problems. Say you need plenty of storage shelving but your city apartment is long and narrow, with limited floor space. A furniture services company can design small-footprint shelving that fit your walls and won’t block traffic. At the other end of the space spectrum, custom divider/storage walls create use areas and privacy within a large open-plan home.

Furniture services specialists can also perform furniture repair if you need a sofa, headboard, cabinet or other piece to fit into a particular space. Nothing disrupts a room’s comfort and usefulness like a sofa that juts out at an angle because it’s too long for the window bay, or a cabinet partly blocking an entry. Your local furniture experts can help you arrive at an ideal design for your home.